Breaking Free of the Showbag: Bertie Beetle Ice Cream Is Now Available at Aldi

People are lining up at Aldi (what else is new) not for Special Buys drop, but for a delicious cause we can get behind. The budget supermarket is officially stocking Bertie Beetle ice cream, and naturally, people are going wild for it. 

Previously making a limited-time-only appearance at Woolworths, Aldi has taken over the reigns, stocking Bertie Beetle coated paddle-pop-style ice creams. 

At only $4.99 for a six-pack, they’re an absolute steal. We’ve turned right back into our younger selves, lining up at the royal show to get a Bertie Beetle showbag because we were cool and it’s what the cool kids got. 

Bertie Beetles experienced going ‘viral’ in the ’70s, which has turned into this iconography today and we’re not mad about it. Often when something goes viral, there’s no real explanation of why or how. That’s how we feel about Bertie Beetles; we don’t know why we love them — it’s by no means the best tasting chocolate — but we don’t want to stop.

Bertie Beetle fans caught wind of the new product after a series of posts in the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group. It’s times like these when we rejoice in the creation of social media.

We’re yet to try the Bertie Beetle ice cream offering, but we’re pretty sure it won’t knock our socks off with a flavour bombshell. Bertie Beetles aren’t the type of chocolate we consume for total self-indulgent deliciousness, we consume Bertie Beetle products to show our love for this weirdly classic and iconic Australian confectionery brand that will somehow live forevermore. 

We’ve all had our Bertie Beetle moment. Mine was in 2011, when my high school crush wrote me a card for my birthday saying: 

“Dearest Laura,

Happy Birthday.

You’re getting to that age when boys will start presenting themselves to you (but don’t fall for the trickery). You’re not like that chocolate you get in show bags that you shouldn’t eat but you do anyway because you paid so much for it, except if it’s a Bertie Beetle. Classic Bertie Beetles. You’re a Bertie Beetle, you’re one of a kind and I like you.” 

Safe to say, I know what I’m eating for dessert tonight.

Find an Aldi store near you and join me.

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