How Often Do You Wash Your Beard? Because It Could Contain More Bacteria Than Dogs’ Fur

John Krasinski

When you think of the rugged facial hair sported by the likes of Justin Theroux, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Krasinski, there’s no doubt that it looks good.

But, facial hair — specifically bushy beards — are also catch-alls for food, dirt and germs. In some cases, beards can contain more bacteria than dogs’ fur.

In 2019, researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland took swabs from the beards of 18 men aged 18 to 76. Each of these beards contained bacteria, Business Insider reports.

These findings were then compared to swabs taken from the necks of 30 dogs. The results showed that each of the men’s facial hair contained high microbial counts, while 23 out of the 30 dogs had similar results. Seven of the men were also found to have potentially harmful germs in their facial hair.

The fact that all men in the study had worse outcomes bacteria-wise than a pack of dogs is a little concerning.

So, regularly washing your beard is important to keep it clean and free of food/bacteria/germs. Using a dedicated beard wash is necessary, as regular shampoo is too strong and can strip the oils from your facial hair and make it super dry as well as cause irritation to your skin.

If you’re new to beard wash, here are a few to try…

The Bearded Stag Beard Shampoo Black Activated Charcoal

Formulated with activated charcoal, this beard wash by The Bearded Stag aims to rid your facial hair of impurities and dirt and give it a deep clean. And it’s gentle enough to be used once a week to keep your beard fresh.

You can shop the Beard Shampoo via The Bearded Stag website for $25.

Milkman 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

This coconut-based soap helps to clear out gunk and debris from your beard without stripping your skin’s natural oils. Thanks to the addition of aloe vera and argan oil, this product will leave your beard feeling softer and easier to manage, while your skin will feel hydrated.

Head to the Milkman website to shop the 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner for $24.

Scotch Porter Moisturising Beard Wash

Formulated with aloe, burdock root and nettle leaf, this Beard Wash by Scotch Porter is super gentle to the skin and leaves your facial hair feeling soft and hydrated. While a regular shampoo will leave your beard brittle and dry, this product aims to leave your beard nourished and full-looking.

You can shop the Moisturising Beard Wash via the Scotch Porter website for $18.99.

Beard & Blade Supply Co Beard Wash

Handmade in Melbourne, this Beard & Blade Beard Wash contains all natural ingredients to create a low-foaming, oil-based formula that alleviates itchy and flaky skin and leaves facial hair feeling soft and conditioned.

It also works to gently clean away dirt and grime and is great for beard dandruff, should that be a concern for you. Shop the Beard Wash via the Beard & Blade website for $22.99.

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