Can’t Get Enough Tassie-Set Crime Comedies? ‘Bay of Fires’ Is Coming

Bay of Fires

Deadloch has taken Australia by storm, with its perfect balance of comedy, mystery, and ominous-yet-picturesque Tasmanian landscapes. But what will we watch once Deadloch is done? Enter: Bay of Fires, the latest comedy crime thriller to hit Aussie screens.

Bay of Fires follows Anika Van Cleef, who is the last person who wanted to live in a remote Tasmanian community. But after multiple attempts on her life, a change of scenery might be advisable. Anika is then given a new name, a house of sorts, and taken to Mystery Bay. 

If you’re intrigued, same. Here are all the Bay of Fires details you need to know. But first, let’s check out the trailer below:

Bay of Fires Cast

Truth be told, the show has a phenomenal cast. From the lead roles to the background actors, it features some folks you may know. 

Marta Dusseldorp stars as Anika. Before this, Dusseldorp starred in A Place Called Home, Janet King, and Jack Irish.

The show also stars Pamela Rabe and Stephen Curry. You’ve seen Rabe in Wentworth and Rose Haven before now. Meanwhile, Curry, of course, is an Aussie icon, best known for his work in Fisk and The Castle.

Where Was Bay of Fires Filmed?

Filming took place on the west coast of Tasmania. According to the series, the area that they chose was “rugged.”

How Many Episodes Will Bay of Fires Have?

This series will have 16 episodes.

When Does It Start, and Where to Tune in?

Bay of Fires will premiere on Sunday, 16 July at 8.30pm, on ABC and ABC iview. Miss an episode? Catch up on ABC iview.

Will There Be a Second Season?

The Tasmanian Government has confirmed that they are funding a second season of Bay of Fires. That’s right, they scored another season before the first one even aired. It bodes well for the new series!

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