Make Manscaping Easier With This Balls Trimmer

Balls Trimmer

“Nobody wants to be the owner of a pair of basic balls.”

That’s the mantra of BALLS — an Australian brand that makes the Balls Trimmer, complete with SackSafe™ Technology.

After an awkward conversation with a family member about the use of kitchen scissors on his manhood, Matt Edge and Tyler Ball co-founded BALLS. Their Balls Trimmer was created in an attempt to break down the taboo around men’s grooming while providing a safe and effective way to do so.

“No snags on our bags was the goal…” Edge and Ball said. “And after experimenting for over a year with 100’s of different blades and designs, we finally designed our now patent-pending SackSafe™ Technology which features anti-nick blades with micro trimming teeth, to prevent nicks and snags.”

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Because Leo..

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The co-founders are so confident in this technology that there is also a “nick your sack, send it back” policy. Should you experience any snags or cuts, get in touch with the BALLS team for your money back.

The Balls Trimmer is a slick-looking device that is showerproof, so can be used for wet and dry shaving thanks to its shock resistance. It has enough power to handle coarse hair and is charged via USB.

BALLS offers free shipping Australia wide and is also delivered in discreet packaging, should that be a concern for you.

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Which are you?

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There are a plethora of positive reviews on the BALLS website, including this happy customer, who found the Balls Trimmer to be “unbelievably amazing.”

“I was sceptical about using it at first because it’s a trimmer and I’d only had experience with scissors.

“I went straight in with it looking like an overgrown jungle, 15 minutes later I came out [of] the bathroom feeling like a new man. Easy to use product, the waterproof feature is a lifesaver. Definitely recommend.”

To get your hand on the Balls Trimmer, you’ll need to drop $99 via the BALLS website. Otherwise, for $84 you can grab a Balls Trimmer and a blade subscription, which means you’ll receive a new hygienic blade every three months for $24.

Happy manscaping!

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