‘Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels’ Crowns Feras Basal Sole Survivor 2024

Australian Survivor winner 2024: Feras Basal

After a season of twists, turns, and blindsides galore, the Jury of Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels has crowned Feras Basal the 2024 winner.

“I am absolutely over the moon. I did not for a million years think I could make it on Survivor, let alone win the bloody thing!” Feras said in his final confessional of the season. “To be the first Aussie Arab winner of Australian Survivor is such a huge flex!”

Going into the episode, our trio of finalists were ready to fight it out for the win, and the $500,000 prize.

Feras was beating himself up for not yet an Individual Immunity Challenge, and a little nervous about the grilling he’d received at last night’s Tribal Council. Mark, on the other hand, was riding high. After all, he’d been the one grilling Feras. With two Individual Immunity wins under his belt already, he was ready to win his third and cement himself as one of the season’s most formidable players. Finally, Caroline was feeling proud of her game thus far, and was ready to do what it took to make it to the Final Two. But how did it all play out?


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What Happened in the Australian Survivor 2024 Finale?

The final Immunity Challenge of the season was another epic — or epically uncomfortable — endurance challenge. It required them to stand on increasingly narrow pegs attached to a giant wheel.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a final challenge without a visit from home. Caroline, Mark and Feras were joined by their spouses for some extra support, and the tears flowed.

After an excruciating and emotional two-and-a-half hours, Feras finally won the Individual Immunity necklace he’d been gunning for all season. That night, he chose to eliminate Mark from the game, and take Caroline to the Final Tribal Council with him.

The Final Tribal Council

Finally, the time came for Feras and Caroline to make their pitch to the Jury for why they deserved the win. Caroline went first and her pitch focused on the strengths of her relationships within the game.

“I was the oldest member of the tribe on a tribe of beasts,” she began.

Caroline spoke of the importance of the “incredible bonds” she build with her allies, and called out the Middle Aged Mafia alliance for getting her through the game.

As the game went on, Caroline said that it was her social game that kept her in the game.

“I had to really work those relationships and bonds, and just get myself that step ahead,” she said.

Finishing her pitch, Caroline said that of the 18 Tribal Councils she attended, there had only been two occasions where she didn’t know where the vote was going. She also pointed out that she’d had to fight for her spot in the Final Three, and beat Raymond in the fire making challenge.

“I absolutely deserve to be here,” she said.

Feras was up next, and he spoke about his aim to uphold his values, “as a person, as an Arab, as a Muslim”, throughout the game.

He made a strong alliance with his fellow misfits, Aileen, Raymond and Garrick, and “never turned on” them.


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His biggest move, though, was “choosing not to save Kirby”. As two of the biggest players in the game, Feras said that he and Kirby had been using one another as shields.

“[I had to] put my shield down and show people I’m a big player as well,” he said. “I had to back myself — I was prepared to either win at that last challenge and be here, or lose and go home.”

The Jury Questions

Feras and Caroline faced a tough grilling from the Jury. Alex reminded Caroline that before he was eliminated, he told her she hadn’t done enough to win yet, and asked her what she’d done since then to bulk up her resume. When Caroline spoke about an Immunity Idol play that hadn’t worked out, Raymond was quick to chime in and point out that it sounded like her big play was a flubbed Idol play.

Meanwhile, Aileen grilled Feras over his own flubbed Idol plays, and said that one of his biggest mistakes in the game was not listening to her, and Kirby held Feras to the fire over his decision to eliminate her. She accused him of being scared to stand next to her at Final Tribal Council, which he denied, somewhat. He said it was less about being scared to stand next to her, and more about clearing his own path to the win. He reiterated that he wanted to put down his Kirby shield and forge a path for himself as a strong player in his own right.


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“I did my best to represent my culture, my religion, my family,” Feras said, adding that the $500,000 prize would be “life-changing”.

“This is my chance to prove that there are so many different ways to make it in Australia,” he said.

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Feras’ Path to Victory

Feras entered Australian Survivor as a larrikin from Western Sydney and “a rebel through and through”. He was ready to play, and was eager to turn the tables on his tribemates at every opportunity.

“I want to be the Sole Survivor because I feel like I can prove that a little old Arab man from Western Sydney can win this thing,” he said in a pre-show press statement.


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Going into the game, Feras had two goals in mind: “to prove people wrong and show little seven-year-old Feras that he can do something like this”.

Before heading to the beaches of Samoa, Feras could be found working as a HR manager. Going into Australian Survivor, Feras said that he was all about professionalism when he was at work, but that when he was off the clock, the cheeky side of his personality came out. He hoped that we’d get to see both sides of his personality on the show.

A big softie at heart, Feras was dreading being separated from his wife while he was away.

“My wife is the one person who I crumble around,” he said. “If you bring her to this island, I’ll shatter into a million pieces. She’s a tough woman and a quarter of my size so people think I’m wearing the pants but definitely not. She’s my absolute everything.”

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