Kitty Was an ‘Australian Survivor’ Leader, But She’s Made a Huge Mistake

Australian Survivor cast 2024: Kitty

Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels has been a gnarly season of reality TV.  From Charles’ brutal elimination to a competition of who can dangle from a precarious piece of rope for the longest, everything has been ramped up to eleven.


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However, there’s been one frontrunner who’s caught this fandom’s attention. On Australian Survivor 2024, Kitty’s name keeps coming up over and over again. 

So, who is Australian Survivor’s Kitty? What has made her stand above the pack? And does she have what it takes to win Australian Survivor 2024?

Meet Australian Survivor’s Kitty

Kitty is a self-confessed “bogan from the Gold Coast”. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate her. She’s also the owner of two businesses, with a focus on helping other women.

“I have a coaching business to help women pretty much break free from dumbass diets and improve their health,” Kitty said. “I want women to win at life and live their best life. In Kitty’s place, everyone would be winning, everyone would be happy and doing what they love.”

On Australian Survivor, Kitty’s proactive confidence has helped her navigate numerous challenges. Early on, Kitty and Caroline created an alliance that protected them from the likes of Sarah. She has also won challenges like the Great Escape Run and Survivor Dodgeball.

However, Kitty might have made a mistake on episode 13 of Australian Survivor. In this episode, Kitty bragged about being a rather wealthy individual. This might make some of the other contestants think that she doesn’t deserve to win $500,000 worth of prize money. She could lose everything that she’s worked for in an upcoming elimination.

This begs the question: Has the front-runner Kitty flown too close to the sun? Or was flexing about her wealth somehow a smart strategy? We can’t wait for the rest of Australian Survivor to reveal all.

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