‘Australian Survivor’ Sneak Stevie Khouw Swears He’s a “Real Villain” Now

australian survivor heroes vs villains 2023 stevie khouw

You could say Sneaky Stevie loves island hopping through Australian Survivor, and this time he’s going from season three’s Fiji to Heroes Vs VillainsSamoa.

Much like previous contestants who weren’t fortunate enough to take home a Survivor win, Stevie Khouw feels his time on Champions Vs Contenders was short lived. However, the now 62-year-old knows he made an impression on Aussie audiences, and this time, he’s on the prowl for revenge.

It’s been four years since his last stint on the show, but he’s made effective use of the time by praying for three-time Castaway Shonee Bowtell‘s downfall.

In a press statement, he explains, “I had a blast but there was one person who blindsided me – Shonee. She’s been in the back of my mind for four years and I’ve been dreaming of getting back at her.” Audiences should expect Steve to be less sweetie and more sneaky in the weeks to come.

Khouw has a pretty interesting life when he’s not hunting for Idols. Beyond the bounds of Samoa’s shores, he’s a proud food delivery rider and now, an independent politician. He is also a volunteer firefighter with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Law. While you may think that makes him a hero, he’s made it very clear that his villainous ways have only grown stronger in his time away.

“I’ve had time to study how to become a real Villain and I’m going to really show everyone how it’s meant to be. I’ll be the master this time,” Stevie vows.

Cue evil laugh. With Stevie moving over to Heroes tribe along with Shonee, it’s looking like betrayal could be just around the corner.

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