Will Shaun Hampson Ride “The Horse” All the Way to ‘Survivor’ Victory?

australian survivor heroes vs villains 2023 shaun hampson

After a 32 day stint on Season 4 of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, former AFL player Shaun Hampson has made his way back to Survivor shores for a chance to win Heroes Vs Villains. According to press materials, “The Horse”, as he’s more affectionately known, is one of the best challenge beasts the game has ever seen. This time around he hopes his physical prowess can go unnoticed with the help of his social game.

Hampson blames his previous loss on self-satisfaction, saying, “Last time I was complacent and there’s no room for complacency in this game whatsoever. You can’t leave an Idol in your bag for 14 days without looking at it.”

Much like other returning players, he is certain that he has unfinished business to conquer. The price of competing is high for Hampson as he leaves his two children and fianceé Megan Gale behind to participate in Heroes Vs Villains. And while he acknowledges the selfishness of venturing to Samoa, he ultimately wants to make them proud and walk off the island with a Survivor victory under his belt (which also includes $500,000).

Being a repeat contestant is advantageous for Hampson. He has all the tools at his disposal to anticipate the moves of a Villain and maybe implement some sneaky tricks himself. And he mentions that although he believes that “Heroes at their core are good people…in the game of Survivor, it’s a little different.”

“I’m happy to be called a Hero, but I’m not going to play like one,” Hampson says.

With the recent switch that saw Shaun moving to the Villain tribe, how long will it be before the evil finally consumes him?

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