“The Joker” Jordie Hansen Is Smiling His Way to a ‘Survivor’ Win

australian survivor heroes vs villains 2023 jordie hansen

Jordie Hansen (aka “The Joker”) and his signature grin have returned to Australian Survivor for its new iteration — Heroes Vs Villains. It was just last year that the landscaper placed sixth in Blood V Water, but this year, he’s back with some big changes to his approach.

“’The Joker’ is back however I’ve learnt from last time,” he said in a presser. “I’m still going to have fun, fun is the number one priority but to try and at least seem a little bit more responsible so people believe I’m more trustworthy and are happy to put their faith in me.

“Playing Australian Survivor: Blood V Water with my brother was hard because every decision you make can directly affect the game as well. But now the only person I can ruin the game for is myself, so there’s nothing holding me back.”

Now that Hansen is returning as a Villain, it will definitely be interesting to see how he keeps his tribemates laughing as they continue to navigate challenges and twists. On top of having fun, he is definitely relying on his social game to strengthen his alliances and maximise his chances of taking home the win this season.

In an interview with Yahoo! News NZ, Hansen mentioned he was shocked when he was asked to play in Heroes Vs Villains so quickly after his season of Blood V Water. A lot can change in a year, and Hansen’s experienced that firsthand. Leaving behind Sam Frost, his pregnant fiancée, has been both nerve-wracking and motivating to the Castaway but he knows how beneficial this opportunity could be.

“To win and have that security for my family would mean everything. My decisions aren’t just based around myself but around my new family. It would mean everything to have the title after being so close last time and know that it wasn’t an accident, there are a lot of reasons I want to win this time,” Hansen says.

Will “The Joker” and his fellow Villains “stir the pot” all the way to finish?

You can watch it unfold on Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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