Can Benjamin Law Write Himself Into ‘Australian Survivor’ History?

australian survivor heroes vs villains 2023 benjamin law

Benjamin Law is not only the latest castaway to complete in Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains, he is a multi-talented personality who wears many hats with ease. From being an accomplished author and broadcast journalist to creating the popular TV Series, The Family Law and advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community, Ben’s versatility knows no bounds.

Before the season began, Law also shared that he was excited to be coming in as a newbie because it lowers the other contestants’ expectations of him and his abilities. As a long-time fan of Australian Survivor, Law is keen on seeing the Heroes tribe emerge victorious.

“There’s part of me that obviously wants the Heroes to win, who doesn’t love seeing someone lift up their sword in victory,” he said.

While he acknowledges that he may not be the strongest player in the game, he believes his scrappy nature will help him stay. Prior to stepping on the shores of Samoa, Law had already committed to a plan of using his journalism skills to gather information and his natural warmth to build strong social connections with his fellow contestants.

Despite his Hero status, Law is not afraid to play a little dirty if the situation demands it. “I hope I bring certain values into the game like integrity, but at the same time, as a storyteller, I want all the complexities, and I know that villainous people are capable of heroic acts, and you might see the Heroes capable of very villainous moves too,” he explained.

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