Survivors Ready?! Meet the Cast of ‘Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels’

Australian Survivor cast 2024: Titans Vs Rebels

Australian Survivor is back for 2024, and this year, Network Ten is giving us an all-new cast. After a few years of returning Castaways and mixed-bag casts of old and new contestants, Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels will mark the first all-new cast since 2021’s Brains Vs Brawn season. Will this cast introduce us to a future Australian Survivor royal? A new King George of Bankstown, perhaps? A new Queen Hayley Leake? Only time will tell!

Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels is all about pitting the presumed winners of the Titans against the underdogs of the Rebels.

A press release from Ten states that “the Titans are the masters of their craft – the head honchos, the over-achievers while the Rebels are the mavericks, the ones who don’t play by the rules.”

If this sounds like the premise of Champions Vs Contenders to you, well… that’s because it sounds like the premise of Champions Vs Contenders. Moving on!

Like last year’s Heroes Vs Villains season, Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels was filmed on the lush beaches of Samoa. And of course, everyone’s favourite host, Jonathan LaPaglia, is back to host the show once again.

Without further ado, let’s meet the 24 new Castaways of Titans Vs Rebels who are ready to outwit, outplay and outlast one another for the title of Sole Survivor (and of course, the $500,000 prize).

Meet the 2024 Cast of Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels


Australian Survivor 2024: Aileen
Network Ten

Rebel Aileen was the first sibling of three, and it earned her the title of black sheep in her family.

“I went through everything first and experimented with everything first,” she says in a press statement. “My parents were really strict with me and I really rebelled against that. But that’s also where I got my assertiveness and discipline which I think will help me here.”

Aileen was raised in Nepal, and has always been independent. In fact, she went camping without her parents when she was four years old, and was trekking in the mountains by six. Needless to say, the prospect of roughing it on the beaches of Samoa doesn’t faze her!

These days, Aileen is a bit of a hustler — she works as a sales co-ordinator for an investment fund through the week, and waitresses on the weekends as well.

When it comes to Australian Survivor, she’s expecting her fellow Castaways to perceive her as a quiet, non-threatening player. But don’t get it twisted — Aileen is a superfan of the show, she’s ready to be the leader, and you can expect to see her making moves. Still, she knows it’s a lot easier said than done, and is hoping to avoid the mistakes that past players have made.

“I’m definitely gonna struggle with not being in control a lot of the time,” she says. “But in the game of Survivor, I’m just gonna have to adapt and let the big personalities have a go at it. I have seen enough to know when to sit back.”


Australian Survivor 2024: Alex
Network Ten

Alex is a maths teacher with a rebel heart and big plans for the future.

“I’m a rebel teacher and I want to change the education system because it’s currently just creating robots,” he says. “We’re creating people for corporate jobs and I want a community where people can find their passion and figure out how they contribute to the world and live a more purposeful life. As a rebel teacher, I fight Titans every single day. It’s called the education system.”

Outside of his mission to take on the education system, Alex is an adventurous, spiritual person, and he’s loves pushing himself to the limit. Before hitting the beaches of Samoa for his Survivor experience, he’d already climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and lived under the stars on a tropical island in Mexico.

While he’s ready and excited for his Australian Survivor adventure, Alex is expecting to miss his family while he’s away.

“I’m here for my mum,” he says. “She had breast cancer about eight years ago and she showed me she’s the real survivor here. I have a tattoo on my heart which says mum in pink ribbon, the symbol of breast cancer and it also says survivor underneath. So it feels like I’m meant to be here and doing this for her.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Caroline
Network Ten

Caroline is a no-nonsense midwife and mum-of-three from NSW whose job has taught her a thing or two about keeping her cool in stressful situations. Now, she’s getting ready to put her skills to the test as a Titan.

“I know people think a midwife is a heroic job and it is amazing,” Caroline says.  “We’re bringing life into the world, we’re looking after new life and it’s the dearest thing to my heart but it’s also tougher than that.”

She explains: “You are under extreme duress and many many times, you get no breaks but you have to stick with what you’re doing and get the job done.”

Sound familiar? Caroline thinks so! She says that’s exactly what she’s planning to do while competing for the title of Sole Survivor.

Caroline knows that in Survivor, as in life, it’s all about expecting the unexpected, but she’s done her best to prepare for the adventure to come. She wants to put her best foot forward on the beaches of Samoa, so she’s been working on her fitness, practicing her fire making skills, and even learnt how to weave and fish.

As one of the older contestants in the game, Caroline is expecting her age to be a double-aged sword for her game.

“I think I’m going in with some advantages and some disadvantages,” she says. “I’ve got a lot of life experience that’s made me who I am today. If I’d done this as a younger person, I don’t know if I’d be as strong. I think Survivor is going to test me in different ways and it’s going to completely push me outside my comfort zone and I can’t wait for it.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Charles
Network Ten

Charles is a Survivor superfan and a litigation lawyer, so it’s fairly safe to assume that he’ll know how to make an argument at Tribal Council.

He’s been watching the show regularly with his wife, and has surmised that the key to outwitting, outlasting and outplaying everyone is a strong social game. He’s ready to hit the beaches of Samoa and start networking. He wants his fellow tribemates to feel comfortable bringing him information — which he will then use to his advantage, of course!

He’s also planning on endearing himself to his tribe with his skills, as he’s planning on building the Titans a watertight shelter.

“A lot of people don’t like lawyers until a lawyer saves their ass,” Charles says, “and then that lawyer is their favourite person in the whole wide world and that person will be me out here.”

When he’s not competing for the title of Sole Survivor, Charles specialises in large scale disputes, and his career has taken him all over the world.

“I’m a Titan because I’ve done a lot of cool things in my work,” Charles says. “I’ve worked at some of the biggest firms and the best firms across the world. I’ve represented clients from around the world, including the UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Australia. I now represent the little guy taking it to the big guy. My day job is to outwit my opponents and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do on Survivor.”

But while Charles is ready to play a cutthroat game, there are some lines he’s not going to cross. The main one? He’s not going to swear on his 18-month-old daughter’s life while making alliances in the game.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Eden
Network Ten

“Do I look like a Titan?” asks cinema area manager Eden.

“I’m not that person but it’s about stamping my authority on this game and knowing I can do anything that’s put in front of me,” he says.

In his day-to-day life, Eden works across multiple cinemas in Victoria and manages thousands of staff members. He’s expecting this to come in handy on the beaches of Samoa, as he’s very accustomed to working with people of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds. He knows how to communicate with anyone and everyone — even when they hold different opinions than him — so that everyone gets what they want.

Eden suspects that his fellow tribemates may not perceive him as a typical Titan, but he’s hoping this will work in his favour. After all, being underestimated can be a strength in the game of Survivor, and he’s hoping to surprise his fellow Titans when he shows them what he can do.

Survivor has been on Eden’s bucket list for a long time, and as he says, he thrives when he’s out of his comfort zone.

“I also have a background of pushing myself to the extreme,” Eden says. “I did two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness with just a backpack, a week in the Amazon jungle, and the Grand Canyon rim to river walk.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Feras
Network Ten

Feras is a larrikin from Western Sydney who is “a rebel through and through”. Now, he’s getting ready to turn the tables on everyone as he takes on Australian Survivor.

“I want to be the Sole Survivor because I feel like I can prove that a little old Arab man from Western Sydney can win this thing,” he says.

Feras is going into the game with two goals in mind: “to prove people wrong and show little seven-year-old Feras that he can do something like this”.

“I want to be the minority who takes over the majority,” he adds.

When he’s not on the beaches of Samoa competing for the title of Sole Survivor, Feras works as a HR manager who specialises in aged care and disability. When he’s at work, Feras is all about professionalism, but when he’s off the clock, he’s got a cheeky side. On Survivor, Feras hopes we’ll get to see both sides of his personality.

Feras is also hoping that his tribemates don’t make any early assumptions about him. He’s often found that people assume he’s going to be a tough guy based on his size, but really, he’s a softie at heart. In fact, the thing he’s dreading the most about taking on Australian Survivor is having to be away from his wife.

“My wife is the one person who I crumble around,” he says. “If you bring her to this island, I’ll shatter into a million pieces. She’s a tough woman and a quarter of my size so people think I’m wearing the pants but definitely not. She’s my absolute everything.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Frankie
Network Ten

Meet Frankie, the Bondi hair salon owner who’s determined to take home the win. A hard worker by nature, Frankie is a natural fit for the Titans tribe, and she’s hoping that her business skills and managerial experience will make her an asset in the game.

“What I’ve learned from running a business is you’ve gotta let people have their place,” she says.

“Some people’s strengths are other people’s weakness, so you need to let everyone come forward,” she explains. “Everyone needs a voice and if you push them down, they’re going to come for you. People fight from the bottom.”

Frankie is expecting her social game to play a major role in getting her through the competition, and she knows it’s not going to be an easy path to the end.

Survivor plays a little bit like high school, and you can start to see the little cliques being formed,” she says. “People are sizing each other up and there’s the popular group and the quieter ones. But people have seen this movie, the popular kids get killed first. So, you just have to be really careful where you align yourself.”

While Frankie may be ready for the social politics of the island, there are a few things she’s not prepared for. Namely, the bugs and the unpredictable weather. But even though her idea of camping is usually travelling in a van to the beach, Frankie is ready to get out of her comfort zone and do whatever it takes.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Garrick
Network Ten

As a loss prevention officer, Rebel Garrick believes he has what it takes to go all the way on Australian Survivor. After all, staying one step ahead of the shoplifters and thieves of the Gold Coast is what he does for a living.

“My day job has definitely prepared me for Survivor,” he says. “I deal with deceit every day.”

Garrick may be one of the older tribemates this year, but he’s thinks that could be an advantage.

“People are going to underestimate my physical ability and think I’m the old fella,” he explains. “So I think I might surprise quite a few of them.”

He adds: “I don’t feel like I’m nearly 60. My motto is ‘Don’t let the old man in. Think young and have fun’.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Jaden
Network Ten

Given that Jaden is a literal strongman, it’s no surprise that he’ll be competing as a Titan. But underneath his “tough, tatted up” exterior is a big softie.

“I like to think I’m a bit of a gentle giant,” he says. “I get angry and aggressive at the gym trying to lift weights but if you see me outside the gym, I’m always laughing and smiling.”

As a professional strongman, Jaden spends his time pulling literal trucks and cars around — some of which weigh over 16 tonnes. When he’s not flexing his muscles, you can also find him creating content on social media, and working as a traffic controller and security guard. Oh, and he also played rugby internationally for Chile’s national team, as well as multiple US college teams.

Going into Titans Vs Rebels, Jaden is excited to be competing in Samoa, as his grandfather is Samoan Fijian.

“I’ve been to Fiji before and this is pretty similar, but there’s definitely a little something inside of me that’s like, ‘This is home, man’,” he says. “I’m from Australia, born and raised in Australia, but I’m playing in Samoa and it makes me proud and I want to prove myself.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Jessica
Network Ten

Jessica is a professional academic, senior lecturer, and one of the best university teachers in Australia. In fact, the Australian University Award for Teaching Excellence is just one of the many accolades Jessica has picked up over the course of her career. Needless to say, she’s a Titan of her field.

When Jessica is teaching the country’s up-and-coming nutritionists, she’s all business. In fact, she knows she has a bit of a resting bitch face, but she promises she’s a lot friendlier than she may appear at first.

When it comes to the game, Jessica expects to excel in the strategic elements of the game, and she hopes to play a strong social game, as well.

“My life experiences have really finessed my ability to play the ‘outwit’ side of this game,” she says. “I also have resilience so can outplay. So all I really need to do is outlast.”

On the other hand, Jessica knows that she’s not the most empathetic person, and she’s hoping that doesn’t mess up her game.

“I don’t think I’ve got a huge amount of empathy but I can definitely be sympathetic and will do the right things to comfort them if they need it,” she says.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Kelli
Network Ten

As a psychologist, Kelli believes her whole career has been great practice for Australian Survivor.

“I’ve been analysing people for more than half my life,” she says. “I get to meet beautiful people and see the dynamics between people. Coming into this, is like a psychologist playground — I can watch everyone and assess what’s happening.”

Kelli has a strong “no bulls**t” approach to her work, and always aims to help people live with authenticity. Add to that her nickname “Pocket Rocket” and the promise to bring a spark to her tribe, and we start to get a picture of why she’ll be competing on the Rebels tribe.

“Thank goodness, I’m on the Rebels tribe,” Kelli says. “I don’t break the law but I like to push the envelope. I was born a Rebel and I’ll die a Rebel.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Kirby
Network Ten

Coming from male dominated industries like mining, shipping and sports, Kirby is accustomed to being a Rebel, and now, she’s ready to put herself to the test on Australian Survivor.

An AFLW coach, Kirby is a natural leader who won’t let anyone tell her what to do. It’s not her first job in sports, though — she previously played state netball for Western Australia, before moving into AFL and AFLW.

“I had a few knee reconstructions and concussions so that’s probably why I feel so old,” Kirby jokes. “Physically. Not in spirit, I’m a kid at heart.”

Kirby is cheeky by nature and always down to have a laugh, but her years in male dominated fields have given her a level of confidence that people sometime misconstrue as arrogance.

On Survivor, Kirby wants to prove herself, and is hoping to inspire people with her journey.

“I mentor Aboriginal girls and empower them and do that through sport every day,” she says. “But out here, I want to inspire everyone. My Elders have gone through a huge struggle in our country and we’re always challenged but all the women I admire — like my mum, my aunties, they’ve paved the way for me and I want to do the same for others.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Kitty
Network Ten

Kitty may be a Titan who owns two businesses and is driven by a desire to help women, but she’s also just — in her words — a “bogan from the Gold Coast”.

“I have a coaching business to help women pretty much break free from dumbass diets and improve their health,” she explains. “I want women to win at life and live their best life. In Kitty’s world, everyone would be winning, everyone would be happy and doing what they love.”

Kitty says that prior to becoming a Titan of her industry, she could be a bit of a wild child. But 10 years ago, her life took a turn when she met her business partner. Over the course of building her businesses, Kitty learned a thing or two about resilience, and she’s hoping to bring this into her game. Oh, and her business partner? Kitty married him!

Of her Australian Survivor journey, Kitty says: “I’m really strong, I’m gritty and I want to win. We built our gym on connections with people and I think that’s one of my strengths. I’m going to go in there and just have the best time. I want to survive in Samoa, eat coconuts, build shelters and experience it all.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Mark
Network Ten

As a diplomat, Mark spent over a decade working overseas in places like Afghanistan, Fiji and Thailand. During that time, he honed his communication skills, and learned what to say, when to say it, and how to deliver his message effectively. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this Titan is expecting this skillset to come in handy on Survivor.

Although Mark has since left the industry, you may recall hearing about his work. In 2018, he worked in Bangkok to help release Australian Bahraini football player Hakeen al-Araibi.

“Diplomacy is absolutely about working behind closed doors and influencing others which is exactly what I’ll be trying to do on Survivor,” he says. “I think I might be pretty good at it.”

But while Mark expects to be good at the social and strategic side of the game, he’s not expecting it to be “a walk in the park”, and more specifically, he’s not looking forward to having to leave his wife at home.

“I think Survivor is one of the greatest challenges, but I feel I have a good arsenal of tools at my disposal to make me a strong player,” he says.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Nathan
Network Ten

A former AFL player turned AFL agent, Nathan says that his time as a professional football player had more lows than highs. Nathan was originally drafted to Collingwood in 2013, but a string of injuries saw him sidelined for years before being traded to St Kilda in 2015 — without ever having played a game for Collingwood.

Of his new Survivor adventure, Nathan says that while he doesn’t think of it as “redemption” for his AFL career, he’s looking forward to “being able to show people [he’s] got what it takes”.

“But who knows if it’ll go that way,” he laughs. “Ask me again in 47 days.”

After his dreams of being a star footy player were put to bed, Nathan pursued a new route in life, and has found his footing again as an AFL agent. In fact, he’s quite proud of his resilience and adaptability, and hopes that these are qualities that will help him on Survivor.

“In this game, you have to stay ahead of that bullet that’s flying around,” he says.

Of course, it’s not just about how you respond to what’s happening in the moment — it’s also about planning ahead, and Nathan’s going in with a game plan.

“You need to analyse what everyone says, you have to tell a few fibs but you also have to be loyal,” Nathan says. “But then loyalty can get you whacked at some point so you need to keep your options open and never commit one way or another.”

Nathan comes from a family of Survivor fans who will be cheering him on from home. Now, all he has to do is survive the hanger attacks!


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Peta
Network Ten

Peta was born a country girl and raised riding horses, but the pull of her rebel nature soon beckoned her to the beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

“I’m a rebel by nature and I think life is bland if you don’t have a bit of a rebellious streak in you,” she says. “I don’t want to surround myself with bland people and I think the Rebels are going to have some fun out here.”

A bar manager who’s spent years working in hospitality, Peta says she developed the ability to make friends with pretty much anyone. Needless to say, you can expect to see her playing a social game.

However, Peta says she also “had a bit of a tough upbringing” and had her “fair share of obstacles”.

“I had my first child at 16 which was a life changing moment obviously,” she explains.

Life has taught Peta the importance of taking things one day at a time, and being open to new possibilities.

“I now live in Perth with my kids and never thought that’s where I’d end up,” she adds.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Rianna
Network Ten

Retail Rebel Raymond is an all-round creative and pop culture connoisseur who’s ready to make his mark on the game of Australian Survivor.

“In all the movies, the Titans usually have the upper hand but the Rebels always win,” he says. “The Titans seem to be people who like to be in control and I can’t think of anything worse. I’m going to meet some of the most interesting people on the Rebels team and I can’t wait.”

Raymond is a relative newcomer to the Survivor fandom — he first developed his love for the game during the COVID, and soon enough, he was applying to play the game himself.

As for what we can expect to see from him, Raymond is going into the game with a bucket list of Survivor achievements he’d like to tick off. The most important goal, though, is to be a memorable player and play an impactful game.

“Growing up, I think I’ve worried too much about how I’ve been perceived by people,” he says. “That can make you not accomplish the things you want, so I’m trying to not get too hung up what people think anymore.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Rianna
Network Ten

Rebel Rianna is a paramedic who lives for a good adrenaline rush. Cool, calm and collected under pressure, Rianna is a bundle of energy who loves skydiving and bungee jumping. Now, she’s ready for a new adventure in the form of Australian Survivor.

Having been raised in the country, Rianna is hoping that the skills she’s picked up in work and life will help her overcome whatever Survivor throws her way.

“My job is really tough,” she says. “I’ve had so many highs like delivering babies and it’s so amazing but then we see some really sad or dangerous things and you need to be strong, so that’s tough.

“We’ve gotta spend 47 days out here, dealing with rain and other elements,” she adds. “Do I have what it takes? 100%. I go on solo camping trips, I know how to fend for myself, I am excited to be out here for 47 days.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Sarah
Network Ten

On first impression, Sarah comes across as bubbly, sweet, and someone who’s easy to get along with. What people can’t see immediately, though, is her inner strength. Now, this Rebel is ready to show everyone what she’s got.

Sarah works as a firefighter, which is a job that she says “fits [her] so perfectly”. She loves that her job can take her into all kinds of rescue situations, and the fulfilment that comes from trying to make someone’s worst day a little better.

“After school, I was just going to go to uni like everyone else and I got a sign from the universe when someone came forward and asked if I’d ever thought about this career, she says. “I am proud when I put on my uniform each day.”

Outside of her career, Sarah is an active person from an outdoorsy family. In fact, she even competed at the Cheerleading World Championships in the USA twice!

As Sarah gets ready for what’s to come on Survivor this season, she’s planning on calling on her family if she needs the extra strength. While she may be unable to communicate with them directly, Sarah’s mother once gave everyone in the family a piece of wool, and it helps them to remain connected.

“We’re all connected by this piece of string,” she explains. “So I have mine on my necklace out here to remember that I’m still connected to everyone back home.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Scott
Network Ten

A longtime Survivor superfan, Scott is a free-spirited Rebel who has dreamed of competing on the reality competition for a long time. He can’t wait to strategise and make alliances and compete, but also? He’d like to win.

“Winning is super important to me,” Scott says. “$500,000 is lifechanging for someone like me, I’ve never seen that sort of money. I could help my family, I could start my own family with my partner. That’s not cheap or easy to do in a queer relationship in Australia right now. So winning is a huge motivator!”

When he’s not on the beaches of Samoa taking on the Titans, Scott works as an Art Director at MONA Museum in Hobart, and he’s expecting his fellow Castaways to underestimate him in the game.

“I spend as much time in the gym as I do with my head bowed in fantasy books,” Scott says. “I think with these chicken arms and painter’s limbs, people are just going to categorise me straight away and that will be a big mistake.”

Scott grew up in England, before moving to Australia at the age of 18. He’s never looked back, and he thrives on adventures that push him out of his comfort zone.

As for the game, Scott may be bubbly and positive by nature, but don’t get it twisted — he’s certainly not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what’s right.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Tobias
Network Ten

Tobias is a highly competitive person who loves the adrenaline rush that he gets from extreme sports. Surfing, mountain biking, skydiving, you name it — if there’s a thrill to be had, Tobias is down to try it, and says that he finds it calming. Now, he’s ready to take on the ultimate adventure on Australian Survivor.

“Some people meditate to calm their minds, I feel when I jump out of an aeroplane and see it leaving behind, there’s nothing else that calms mine,” he says.

When Tobias isn’t chasing his next thrill, he works as a builder and construction manager in Byron Bay. He also thinks of himself as a lifelong Rebel who can turn on the charm when he needs to.

“I’m good at talking my way out of trouble,” he says with a laugh. “And I’ll bend those rules till they start to snap.”

When it comes to Survivor, Tobias isn’t too fussed about most of the elements of the game. He can deal with sleeping on the ground and rationing food, but there’s one thing that does concern him a little.

“I’m an arachnophobe,” he admits. “I hate spiders, they make me want to vomit. I’m not bothered by snakes or things like that, but I will squeal if I see a spider.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Valeria
Network Ten

At the age of 17, Valeria moved away from everything she knew in her home country of Russia — her family, her home, her language. Arriving in Sydney, she barely spoke any English, but found her way soon enough.

After briefly pursuing a Political Science degree, Valeria soon realised it wasn’t the path for her and turned her attention to her creative passions. Soon enough, she’d turned her love for dance into a profession, and she now runs a dance entertainment company in Sydney. On Australian Survivor, Valeria is ready to show everyone that she’s not to be underestimated.

“I feel like when you look at me, I might look cute for day one but by day two, the sleeping bear inside of me is ready to fight,” she says. “I won’t be afraid to play the cliché girl who seems worried about her hair and makeup, I can play that for a while but that’s when I’ll blindside them.”

While being self-sufficient can be a strength, Valeria can be a bit of a lone wolf. She’s keenly aware that she’ll need to make a real effort to be a team player for her tribe, but when it comes to the individual challenges, watch out.


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Viola
Network Ten

Given that Viola is a powerlifter, as well as a strength and conditioning coach, it’s no surprise that she’s on the Titans tribe. However, she might downplay her (literal) strengths in the game to keep the target off her back. After all, anyone who can bench press 95kg, do 155 squats and break five national records is going to be considered a pretty big threat in the game! Oh, and did we mention that she’s on 22?

Viola isn’t just physically strong, though. She’s also resilient.

Viola was born in South Sudan and comes from a family of 13, but her mother passed away when she was just two years old.

“That changed my entire life,” she says. “I had to learn to be an adult before I was ready to be one. I had to grow up a lot quicker than most.”

Still, Viola is planning to play a strong social game, charm her way into alliances, and fight her way to the title of Sole Survivor. She also expects her upbringing to give her an advantage in the game.

“The thing with a big family is there are always sides,” she says. “Everyone’s going to fight over food, over the TV, so you have to be strategic and I can deal with different personalities.”


Australian Survivor cast 2024: Winna
Network Ten

Winna is the #8 competitive eater in Australia, as well as a TikTok creator with over 800,000 followers. Now, he’s ready to add “Sole Survivor” to his list of accomplishments.

While you may not expect competitive eating to be something that could help prepare you for Survivor — a game that famously has very little food — Winna disagrees. In fact, he thinks it could give him a secret advantage.

Winna says that it’s a sport that requires a lot of mental strength, as there’s pain to push through and obstacles to overcome. He also says it’s given him a strong pain tolerance, which he’ll be able to apply to any of the other challenges. But if the Titans win any Reward Challenges, they’d better watch their plates.

“If I win any Reward challenges, I’ll just stock up my stomach and eat enough to last the whole two months!” he says. “If you look the wrong way, I’m gonna eat all your food.”

Winna got into competitive eating when he came across a competition in a Japanese restaurant. With a trip to Japan on the line, Winna was all in.

“I got to around 50 plates, looked around and everyone stopped eating but I kept going and won the ticket,” he says, joking: “I went to Japan and realised something was very wrong with me.”

As for his approach to Survivor, you can expect to see him turn on the charm.

“Life is sales no matter what it is — a job interview, a girlfriend,” he says. “If you can show you’re valuable, then people will want you around. And I’m going to do that on this island.”

Australian Survivor: Titans Vs Rebels premieres at 7.30pm on Monday, January 29, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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