5 Stunning Australian Road Trips to Take When Borders Open


Now that isolation has ended, and with all borders sure to open around Australia soon, we’re excited to use our newfound freedom to embark upon a road trip. We’ll venture the long, open roads, visit untouched, pristine beaches, hike the dense bush landscapes, and invest in the small businesses of bushfire-ravaged towns.

Inspired to do the same? Here are five epic Australian road trips, courtesy of Tourism Australia, to consider when borders open. Even better, some of these are already available!

1. Perth to Esperance road trip, Western Australia

This 7.5-hour drive can be knocked out in one go, though best split over two days for a relaxing weekend escape. Eagle Bay is a recommended stop for its beautiful swimming spots and local cuisine, but the reward for making it to Esperance is well worth it.

“The beach paradise of Esperance, home to the sunbathing kangaroos of Lucky Bay, belongs on your bucket list,” says Tourism Australia.

Tourism Australia

2. The Great Barrier Reef Drive, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef Drive along the Queensland coast is 300km of jaw-dropping scenery. The world’s largest reef system lies on one side of the car, while the other side offers a view of the lush Daintree Rainforest. You won’t know which way to look, and you’ll do just about anything to be the passenger.

“Stop along the way to snorkel in Port Douglas, learn about Aboriginal culture in the ancient Daintree Rainforest and spot saltwater crocodiles in Cape Tribulation,” Tourism Australia says.

Tourism and Events Queensland

3. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria and South Australia

This up to one-week-long adventure will fix your coastal cravings in no time. Follow the Great Ocean Road from Victoria through to South Australia, or vice versa, stopping in on small towns for local produce and taking regular dips along the untouched beaches.

Tourism Australia says this is “a seaside road trip full of sweeping views, free-roaming wildlife and laid-back Aussie towns.”

Tourism Australia

4. The Road to the Rock, Western Australia

We’re levelling up now, because this nine-day journey is here for those playing the long game. Your time is worth it, though, for the sites you’ll see along this adventure towards Australia’s Red Centre.

The Road to the Rock itinerary takes travellers through open plains, tiny towns and incredible indigenous sites. Tourism Australia says: “Stop by charming roadside restaurants, explore ancient Aboriginal rock art and cruise the open road as you venture into Australia’s Golden Outback.”

Australia’s Golden Outback

5. Adelaide to Perth road trip, South Australia

Set aside 10 days for this trip of a lifetime along some of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever come across in your life. Views are just the start, so prepare for bottomless oysters, cage-diving with sharks, and ocean swims with dolphins.

You won’t know where to look as your traverse the trip highlight of ‘Watermelon Avenue’, the narrow road sandwiched between the pink waters of Lake MacDonnell and the contrasting blue-green of the neighbouring waterscapes.

Tourism Australia says: “You can make Lake MacDonnell your final destination from Adelaide, but for a more challenging outback adventure, cruise cross-country along the Nullarbor. Stretching from Adelaide to Perth, this road trip takes at least a few days, so plan ahead for an epic Aussie adventure.”

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