Save $120 On Aussie Broadband’s Fastest NBN Plans

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As EOFY sales kick off for another year, Aussie Broadband has cut the cost of its NBN 100 plans and above.

An NBN 100 plan means you can reach download speeds of up to 100Mbps. They’re quite a step up from the more standard NBN 25 or NBN 50 plans, and most useful for large households and anyone who regularly streams in HD or downloads large files like big games.

A lot of people only need NBN 25 or 50 plans, simply because of how often they use their internet and what they use it for — but for anyone who needs the extra speed, Aussie Broadband’s offer is a compelling deal.

They’re offering $20 off each month for six months, adding to a total of $120 saved. To take advantage of the deal, simply pick out one of the plans below and enter the code EOFY22 at checkout.

At the cheapest end of the spectrum is the NBN Home Fast 100GB plan for $70 a month instead of the usual $90. For that price, you get 100GB of data at speeds of around 98Mbps. For $5 extra a month, though, you can get 500GB at 98Mbps, or unlimited data at 98Mbps for just $79 with the Home Fast Unlimited plan.

If none of the pre-built plans are right for you, Aussie Broadband customers have the option to build their own NBN plan, picking the perfect speed and data for their needs. You can sign up for the NBN 100/40 plan, with 98Mbps download and 40Mbps upload speeds, and choose from 100GB, 500GB or unlimited data each month, and still get $120 off over six months.

At the premium end of the spectrum are some seriously impressive speeds. The Home Superfast Unlimited plan offers speeds of 245MBps for $109 a month, while the Ultrafast Unlimited plan can even hit 600Mbps for $129. You’ll need a powerful modem to reach these speeds and can bundle in the Google Nest Wifi with your plan at checkout.

It’s a solid deal for NBN 100 and above plans, but you’ll need to act quick to save. The deal is only available until June 30 to new customers.

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