This Mask Allows You to Breathe Continuous Fresh Air Without Covering Your Whole Face

While wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, it’s definitely a necessary measure in 2020. But, thanks to the wonder that is technology, there is a mask option out there that protects you and those around you as a regular mask does, but doesn’t cover your face.

The Atmōs mask by Aō Air is a patent-protected no seal mask solution, which according to the manufacturer, is 50 times better than the market-leading sports air filtration masks at stopping particular matter being inhaled.

Aesthetically, the Atmōs mask makes a bold statement. The futuristic mask sits across your mouth and nose but the front panel is clear, so people can still see your smile. The device provides a continuous flow of cool, clean air that allows you to breathe naturally while avoiding inhaling particles from the air outside.

Image: Instagram @aofacewear

The addition of a prefilter removes the largest particulates while the Nano-Filter was designed from the molecular level to provide protection against dust particles, pollen and ash.

It also has in-built LED lights which indicate the status of the Atmōs, with a warm glow signalling all is well so you can breathe easy. A warning light will also appear to alert you when the filters need changing.

Given the research and development poured into this mask, it is definitely an investment at $350 USD. The mask comes with a carrying case and a USBC cable as well as four filter sets. If you were to use the mask every day for five hours, Aō Air says you should get about one month of use per filter set.

You can preorder the Atmōs now, with a $70 USD deposit required. The mask can be shipped anywhere in the world for a fee of $30 USD.

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