Are Married at First Sight’s Johnny and Kerry Still Together? Here’s What We Know


If there ever was hope in this world, it’s that Married at First Sight’s Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight are still together.

The couple, who have been strong contenders to be the next Cam and Jules, has been hitting all the milestones a couple on the show could hit, including Balbuziente giving Knight a key to his home in a chic Louis Vuitton pouch.

To put your minds at ease, on April 7, the pair appeared on Today Extra on Channel 9, live from Balbuziente’s apartment in Brisbane.

“I’m just checking, are you at Johnny’s house right now, Kerry? The key still working?” Today Extra host Belinda Russell said.

“Safe to say, the key got me in here this morning,” Knight told Russell.” He hasn’t changed the locks on me. We’re at Johnny’s house this morning.”

There has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding the status of their relationship, which could just be some very clever red herrings.

On March 16, a rumour (substantiated by some telling photographic evidence) alluded to the fact that there had been a “couple swap” between Balbuziente and Liam Cooper’s bride, Georgia Fairweather.

Back in December 2020 (after filming had wrapped), both stars shared photographs only days apart at Brisbane’s famed The Fantauzzo pool. Then, the following week, the pair each shared photographs (days apart) from the Comuna Cantina.

Then, in a video released by So Dramatic, both Fairweather and Balbuziente appeared in footage with Jason Engler — apparently recorded three days before the reunion was filmed, where Fairweather and Engler took aim at Cooper, copping some serious heat Nationwide. He has since apologised, however, both Balbuziente and Fairweather have remained mum.

On Wednesday, March 31, The Latch attended Fitzy and Wippa’s Married at First Sight Dinner Party in Sydney and were told by Channel 9 that both Johnny and Kerry were meant to attend as a couple, however, due to the lockdown in Brisbane, they were unable to get on a flight.

While all of this is slightly confusing, it does seem that maybe they are still together and that love is not dead.

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