The Diversity of the Amazing Race Cast is Exactly What We Need

The cast list for The Amazing Race Australia has been revealed for 2021 with viewers thrilled to see the reality competition series inviting another diverse set of teams to the table. 

The Network 10 show was praised in 2019 for its inclusion across race, gender and age so it makes sense that the show’s producers would want to carry on that (much needed) trend. The series, which premieres Feb 1, features an admirable array of teams including proud First Nations people and African-Australian women. 

Competing this year for $250,000, we have siblings Jake and Sky-Blue, the latter of which was born without a left hand. Proving that disabilities do not equal a disadvantage, Sky-Blue says, “I will always push and I will always achieve everything I set my mind to.”

Amazing Race

Best mates Jaskirat and Anurag or “The Super Sikhs” (above) as they call themselves are extremely proud of their culture and want to show Australia what the Sikh fighting spirit is all about. The pair are excited to have a platform on which to share the values of Sikhism, which, according to Jaskirat, is all about equality and pushing yourself to achieve all you want to achieve.  



Amazing Race

Meanwhile, cousins Dwes and Katherine are proud First Nations people from the Kimberleys who hope to not only serve as role models but to provide inspiration to their community and encourage them to dream big. Despite being opposites, the pair could be a formidable team with Dwes joking, “I think we’re going to be the deadliest team on Amazing Race!” 


Amazing Race

Also competing are childhood friends Malaan and Tina who both moved to Australia when they were nine years old, having been born in South Sudan before moving elsewhere within Africa as refugees; father-daughter team Jobelle and Rani who moved to Australia 13 years ago from the Philippines in search of a brighter future, interracial couple Holly and Dolor and friends Sefa and Jess who are both from a Polynesian background.

After Australian networks were heavily criticised in 2020 for failing to reflect the country’s cultural diversity across their programming, it is certainly great to see a line up such as this.

Here’s hoping there is more to come, that other reality shows take note and that representation continues to be celebrated authentically on Aussie screens moving forward. 

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