All the Details About ‘Alone Australia’ Season 2 That Will Make You Want to Binge It

Alone Australia details

Ten Aussie survivalists, the harsh landscape of New Zealand’s South Island, and a whopping $250,000 on the line. That’s right, Alone Australia is back for Season 2, and we’re going to share all the details.

Alone Australia is a riveting reality series where ten contestants are isolated in the wilderness, equipped with minimal tools and resources. These people are tasked with surviving for as long as possible. With no camera crew or contact with society, each contestant must traverse extreme environments, forage for food, build shelters, and contend with the psychological toll of solitude. The last person standing wins $250,000, making every day a test of endurance, resilience, and survival skills.

If you want to learn all the Alone Australia details, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything that we currently know about 2024’s Alone Australia.

Alone Australia’s Cast

Alone Australia’s cast consists of ten expert survivalists from different walks of life. These individuals have been training for years to be on a series like this one, so we can’t wait to learn if they’re up for the challenges ahead.

The 2024 cast of Alone Australia consists of the following survivalists: 

  1. Mike — A 60-year-old Resilience Coach from NSW
  2. Andreas —  A 42-year-old Personal Trainer from NSW
  3. Chace — A 27-year-old Defence Force Combat Engineer from Queensland
  4. Jack — A 55-year-old Tradie and Wildlife Hunter from NSW
  5. Jason — A 36-year-old Youth Worker and Jungai from NSW
  6. Krzysztof — A 39-year-old Aquaculturist from Victoria
  7. Leanne — A 41-year-old World Heritage Aboriginal Programs Officer from Victoria
  8. Rick — A 58-year-old Survival Educator and Former SAS Soldier from Queensland
  9. Suzan — A 54-year-old Wilderness Adventure Guide from Victoria
  10. Tamika — A 51-year-old Former Police Officer from Queensland

The Trailer

When Does Alone Australia Premier?

Alone Australia will premier on Wednesday, March 27.

How to Watch Alone Australia

This epic series will be returning to blow us away on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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