Survival Stories Unleashed: Meet the Diverse Cast of ‘Alone Australia’ Season 2

The cast of Alone Australia 2024

The first season of Alone Australia had a wonderful cast of survivalists. We all loved Jimmy, the 22-year-old farmhand who was hungry to prove his worth. We all loved Gina, the woman who lived with no electricity before this series even began.

Due to the premise of Alone Australia being so extreme, this series only attracts the best of the best. Only the most hardcore Aussies would sign up to be isolated in the wilderness, with limited resources, for an unknown amount of months. It takes a certain type of resilience to put everything on the line to become the last contestant standing, to win $250,000.

What’s more, Alone Australia’s 2024 season will also feature a fresh, exciting cast. The 10 Aussies who have signed up all appear to be as extreme yet charismatic as ever. Here is everyone who’s joining the Alone Australia cast in 2024.

The 2024 Alone Australia Cast

Andreas, 42-years-old, NSW


Meet Andreas: A Swedish-Australian subsistence hunter with a passion for mountain biking on the weekends. Despite living in the inner city, Andreas acquires over 90% of his protein through wild hunting and fishing. He butchers, processes, and stores all the parts of the animals that he catches in order to sustain himself.

According to Andreas, he is ready to take on Alone Australia 2024. However, despite feeling like he’s up to the challenge, a couple of doubts linger.

“I’m confident my body can handle this,” Andreas said. “I have tested myself in the past, but there’s a big difference between holding your breath for four minutes versus staying out in the bush for three months.”

Chace, 27-years-old, Queensland

Chace is a man with a plethora of bushcraft and survivalist experiences. Not only has he spent plenty of time adventuring Australia with his family, he’s also a Defence Force Combat Engineer. This role has given Chace a level of expertise in exploring and surveying unknown and potentially dangerous environments.

For Chace, being on Alone Australia 2024 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He’s excited to show Australia what he can do.

“Being Alone is a dream come true,” Chace said. “Growing up, I didn’t watch Bob the Builder… I’d be out trying to hunt grandpa’s rabbits. I’ve literally been hunting my whole life, and I’ve been outdoors since before I can remember.”

Jason, 36-years-old, NSW

Jason is a proud Yanyuwa, Waanyi/Garawa man and Jungai. As a respected member of his community, he spends a lot of time in his mother’s country of Borroloola. While at Borroloola, Jason learns teaching from Elders and family members, while also practising traditional methods of hunting, fishing, and foraging. 

From Jason’s perspective, there’s no greater challenge than being on Alone Australia 2024.

 “I’m an adventurous spirit,” Jason said. “There’s no room to hide in a challenge like this, the only person to blame is yourself if something goes wrong. This is the ultimate challenge a human can experience.”

Krzysztof, 39-years-old, Victoria

Krzysztof is a Polish-Australian who lives a largely self-sufficient lifestyle. He is well known among his friends for his crafting skills, metal work, and recurve bow hunting abilities. When Krzysztof isn’t partaking in these extreme undertakings, he’s an aquaculturist, helping breed, rear, and harvest fish.

According to Krzysztof, he has the right personality type to win Alone Australia 2024. He truly believes that nothing will make him leave this competition.

“My strongest trait is going to be my stubbornness,” Krzysztof said. “I’m going to sit in the cold, I’m going to sit in the rain, I’m going to push through this. I’m going to wait until my loved one taps me on the shoulder and tells me I’ve won.”

Leanne, 41-years-old, Victoria

Leanne is a proud Barkandji woman who works as a World Heritage Aboriginal Officer. She is extremely passionate about this work. Every single day she does her best to preserve her culture, artefacts, and history.

For more than a decade, Leanne has been occupied by the roles and responsibilities that motherhood brings. However, Leanne now has an opportunity to reconnect with herself and to find clarity about what’s next for her. Leanne has chosen to do this important work on Alone Australia’s 2024 season.

“I’ve spent my whole life going out bush,” Leanne said. “Growing up on Country, you learn to be self-reliant. Learning to read Country, animals, and the way they move, helps you hunt them. I know a bit… and using all of that will get me through this.”

Mike, 60-years-old, NSW

Mike is best known in Australia for being a former Waratahs player and rugby union coach. Yet, since doing these jobs, Mike has now moved on. He currently does outdoor resilience coaching and runs mental toughness workshops.

Compared to the other contestants, Mike seems the most confident that he can win Alone Australia 2024. But whether he can put his money where his mouth is remains to be seen.

“I’m really confident I’ve got what it takes to win,” Mike said. “The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my superpower. Testing myself and finding my limits is all part of resilience training, and I live a life where I practise what I preach.”

Rick, 58-years-old, Queensland

Rick is a master of survival. At the age of 17, Rick enlisted in the military and then went on to join the SAS. As a member of the SAS, he spent over eight years mastering various extreme survival techniques. His training encompassed snow and mountain warfare work, navigating through caves, and enduring blizzards.

After leaving the SAS, Rick has become a bushcraft survival educator on TikTok, amassing over 1.3 million likes and 176,000 followers. Rick is excited to reach even more people on Alone Australia 2024.

“I have a goal of doing epic stuff in my life every year,” Rick said. “I may have a few years under my belt, but when it comes to a commitment to keep pushing boundaries, I’m just getting started. This will be the ultimate opportunity to put experience and knowledge to the test!”

Suzan, 54-years-old, Victoria

Since childhood, Suzan has cherished the adventures that nature brings, consistently prioritising these experiences over indoor comforts. As an adult, she lives off-grid with her husband and two dogs. She is also a wilderness adventure guide.

Suzan is thrilled to be on Alone Australia and demonstrate what older women can do. She believes that she can still compete with the best of them.

“I want to showcase my 40-plus years of survival skills and show that an older woman can use wisdom and experience to compensate for declining physical strength,” Suzan said.

Tamika, 51-years-old, Queensland

Tamika has done it all. She’s a former bowhunting champion, police officer, scuba diving instructor, disability worker, national parks ranger, fly fishing rod maker, farmer, and tattooist. She’s also a plant-based chef and author. Plus, to top it all off, Tamika is a survivalist who’s hungry for a challenge.

According to Tamika, Alone Australia will give her a great opportunity to demonstrate the stunning wonders that nature has to offer. She wants to communicate this message to everyone across Australia.

“The motivation to survive in the wilderness comes from a feeling I have every day,” Tamika said. “It’s the inspiration from nature. It’s a yearning to find out what’s around the corner… I’m hoping I can inspire other people to just love the earth as much as I do.”

Jack, 55-years-old, NSW

Jack’s two daughters are finally grown up and independent. This means that for the first time in years, Jack can go on a big solo adventure. And is there any trip that’s grander than being a cast member on Alone Australia 2024?

Between raising his two daughters, Jack has spent a lot of time fishing. He’s also an experienced hunter. Jack believes that these two skills could help him win this high-stakes competition.

“I hunt and fish to feed my family,” Jack said. “I have been asked if I’m afraid of being out in the bush, alone with all the scary things out there… My answer? I am the scary thing.”

Alone Australia returns to us all on Wednesday, March 27 on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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