Why Australia’s Bowhunting Champion Tamika Joined ‘Alone Australia’

In 2024, Tamika is on Alone Australia

It’s Alone Australia season, and this year’s contestants are more exciting than ever. Almost every survivalist this year knows how to use a bow and arrows. They are all prepared to stay in the New Zealand wilderness for months on end. However, among this exceptional crowd is someone who might rise above the rest. On Alone Australia 2024, Tamika has the skill set to win the whole show. 

To become an Alone Australia frontrunner, you need to catch your own food, build your own shelter, and light matchless fires. You have to be comfortable being isolated for extended periods of time, as you will have nobody to keep you company. If you are able to be the last person to quit this gauntlet, you will win $250,000.

Tamika is a master of the bushcraft fundamentals, however, she has some hidden tricks up her sleeve. Here’s everything we know about Tamika and her attempt to survive Alone Australia 2024.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Tamika?

For as long as Tamika can remember, she’s always been bushcrafting. Her father was a bushman, so hunting, fishing, and camping were the core activities that defined her childhood. Now 51 years old, Tamika is a full-time off-gridder. For the past decade, she has lived sustainably, growing and foraging half of the food her family eats. 

Tamika is also an experienced bowhunting champion. This will give her a significant advantage hunting deer and possums in the New Zealand countryside. However, Tamika has been a vegan for the last eight years. Killing animals again may prove to be quite the challenge.

Despite being an Alone Australia frontrunner, Tamika’s ultimate goal isn’t to win the 2024 prize money. She’s instead excited about educating Australia about how to bushcraft. 

“The motivation to survive in the wilderness comes from a feeling I have every day,” Tamika said in a press release. “It’s the inspiration from nature. It’s a yearning to find out what’s around the corner… I’m hoping I can inspire other people to just love the earth as much as I do.”

Alone Australia airs on Wednesdays, only on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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