Suzan Is the ‘Alone Australia’ Dark Horse — Here’s Why

The 2024 Alone Australia contestant Suzan

Alone Australia has hit the ground running. In the first episode, it was thrilling to see Leanne and Jason get psychologically prepared to hunt some wild deer. It was also incredibly stressful when Mike had pains in his chest and needed to call the evacuation hotline. However, while these moments have been tense, many contestants haven’t had time in the spotlight yet. We still don’t know much about the Alone Australia player Suzan.

On the 2024 season of Alone Australia, Suzan is competing against nine of the fiercest survivalists to have ever walked this earth. She and her competitors have been tasked with living by themselves, in the New Zealand wilderness, for as long as possible. The last person to quit this competition wins $250,000.

Does Suzan have what it takes to beat her human competition and survive in her isolated campsite? Or will she be one of the first to quit this season? Here’s everything we know about the 2024 Alone Australia contestant Suzan.

Who is Alone Australia’s 2024 Suzan?

While Alone Australia’s Suzan is 54 years old, she shouldn’t be brushed aside. For over two decades, she has been living a self-sustainable lifestyle in her home of Victoria, harvesting produce and other necessities from the land she lives on. These experiences have taught Suzan how to hunt, scavenge, make shelters, and use plants for medicinal purposes.  

Suzan is also a wilderness adventure guide. In 2016, she made a documentary about her adventurous exploits called Suzy and the Simple Man. When Suzan isn’t exploring, she’s spending time with her husband and two dogs.

According to Suzan, she’s on the 2024 of Alone Australia to prove that life doesn’t stop in your fifties. Suzan believes that she has the life experience, patience, and wisdom to survive beyond anyone’s expectations.

In a press statement, Suzan said, “I want to showcase my 40-plus years of survival skills and show that an older woman can use wisdom and experience to compensate for declining physical strength.”

Alone Australia airs on Wednesdays, only on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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