“Discomfort Is My Superpower” — Mike Is Ready to Take on ‘Alone Australia’

Alone Australia's 2024 Mike

How much would you need to be paid to be dropped into the wilderness? To build your own fires, catch your own fish, and hunt your own deer? To know that if you were to be injured, you’d be completely isolated? Because Alone Australia’s Mike has signed up for such a challenge, and he’ll either be paid $250,000 or go home empty-handed.

In 2024, Alone Australia isolates 10 people in an uninhabited and inhospitable part of New Zealand’s South Island. These Aussies are then tasked with surviving by themselves for as long as possible. The last person to leave their campsite wins $250,000 worth of prize money.

Most of the contestants on this show are bushcraft experts and professional survivalists. This means that in 2024, Alone Australia’s Mike is up against some incredibly tough competition. Here’s everything we know about this challenger.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Mike?

While Mike is the oldest member of Alone Australia’s 2024 cast, he shouldn’t be underestimated. This 60-year-old has a history of pushing his body to the limit. Before gaining an interest in survival craft, he was a Waratahs player and a rugby union coach.

For the last 30 years, Mike has been refining his bushcraft skills. He’s an expert at using a bow, fishing, and living self-sustainably off the land.

According to Mike, his stubborn tenacity is going to help him win the 2024 season of Alone Australia. In a press release, Mike stated he’s ready to stay in New Zealand for as long as it takes.

“I’m really confident I’ve got what it takes to win,” Mike said. “The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my superpower. Testing myself and finding my limits is all part of resilience training, and I live a life where I practise what I preach.”

Alone Australia premieres on Wednesday, March 27 on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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