Meet Leanne, the Proud Barkandji Woman Planning to Win ‘Alone Australia’

Alone Australia 2024's Leanne

Anything can happen on Alone Australia. Your camp might flood, your clothes might burn, and a wild animal might legitimately try and kill you. In Alone Australia’s Season 2 trailer, we even see a mysterious man have an apparent heart attack. Contestants like Leanne will have to contend with the truly unexpected during 2024’s competition. 

Alone Australia is a reality series that isolates 10 Aussies in uninhabited and inhospitable parts of nature. Stripped of modern conveniences and human contact, these contestants are then tasked with surviving by themselves for as long as possible. The last person to leave this competition wins an impressive $250,000.

This year, Alone Australia is travelling to New Zealand’s South Island, which means unknowns of this season have been ramped up to 11. Does Alone Australia’s Leanne have the skills to deal with this 2024 twist? Or is such a challenge above her pay grade? Here is everything we know about Alone Australia’s Leanne.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Leanne?

Alone Australia’s Leanne is a proud Barkandji woman who works as a World Heritage Aboriginal Officer. She’s someone who is passionate about her job and her community. Leanne works tirelessly to preserve her culture’s artefacts, archaeology, and history.

Growing up in Barkandji, Leanne spent her time living on Country and fishing and foraging with her family. However, her identity has been wrapped up in being a mother for more than a decade. By going on Alone Australia, Leanne wants to reconnect with herself and learn what lies ahead.

Leanne is determined to conquer Alone Australia’s 2024 season. If she wins, she’ll use the prize money to buy a piece of land that’s on her traditional Country.

“I’ve spent my whole life going out bush,” Leanne said in a press release. “Growing up on Country, you learn to be self-reliant. Learning to read Country, animals, and the way they move helps you hunt them. I know a bit… and using all of that will get me through this.”

Alone Australia premieres on Wednesday, March 27 on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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