Will Krzysztof’s Stubborn Nature Help Him Win ‘Alone Australia’?

Krzysztof is on the 2024 season of Alone Australia

Alone Australia 2024 is anybody’s game. Even the most skilled survivalist can trip on a mossy rock and plummet into becoming injured. Illness can strike at any time, a fact that left Mike stranded in the wilderness with chest pains. For the likes of Alone Australia’s Krzysztof, such knowledge looms every good day of their 2024 run.

Another factor that levels the playing field is the weather. Alone Australia 2024 takes place in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island, a brambling landscape that gets as cold as -9°C. If your tent gets ruptured or your sleeping bag becomes wet, you have to pack your bags and go home. 

Is Alone Australia’s Krzysztof a lucky survivalist? Does he have the skills to bounce back from the bad days that are coming for him? Let’s dive into the backstory of the Alone Australia 2024 contestant, Krzysztof.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Krzysztof?

By day, Alone Australia 2024’s Krzysztof is an aquaculturalist. But by night, his hobbies include stonework, metalwork, and leatherwork. When it comes to making tools in the wild, none can do it better than Krzysztof.

When Krzysztof isn’t developing his crafting skills, he’s refining his self-sufficient home. Krzysztof’s house has been designed to live off the land. Such a life experience will greatly benefit Krzysztof while he’s on Alone Australia.

When it comes to feeding himself, Krzysztof knows how to catch fish and hunt with a recurve bow. He’s also very determined to get the meals that he wants.

“My strongest trait is going to be my stubbornness,” Krzysztof said in a press release. “ I’m going to sit in the cold, I’m going to sit in the rain, I’m going to push through this. I’m going to wait until my loved one taps me on the shoulder and tells me I’ve won.”

Alone Australia airs on Wednesdays, only on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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