For Jack, ‘Alone Australia’ Was a Dream Come True

Jack is on Alone Australia 2024

Alone Australia attracts contestants from all different walks of life. Some survivalists sign up because they’re hungry for $250,000. Meanwhile, others jump at the chance to educate the public about their bushcraft. However, Jack joined Alone Australia 2024 for a unique reason. This show is the solo adventure that he’s waited his whole life for. 

On Alone Australia 2024, 10 Aussies get dropped on different shores of a New Zealand South Island lake. These contestants then must hunt for themselves, create their own campsites, and survive there for as long as humanly possible. If the wilderness doesn’t make them jump ship, then the isolation will. 

For some people, the prospect of winning $250,000 wouldn’t be enough to attract them to such a competition. But Jack is built differently. Let’s dive further into Jack’s reasoning for joining Alone Australia 2024.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Jack?

Alone Australia 2024’s Jack is a self-employed tradesman. He’s hoping that he’ll be able to use his work skills to thrive in the wilderness. Jack is also a proficient hunter and fisherman.

When Jack isn’t working, he’s a devoted dad who’s heavily involved in his two daughters’ lives. However, his kids are now all grown up and independent. Jack can finally go on a big solo adventure with peace of mind. And is there any adventure more exciting than Alone Australia?

Jack is incredibly confident that he’ll be an Alone Australia frontrunner. In a press release, he stated that there is nothing in the wild that he’s afraid of.

“I hunt and fish to feed my family,” Jack said. “I have been asked if I’m afraid of being out in the bush alone with all the scary things out there… My answer? I am the scary thing.”

Alone Australia airs on Wednesdays, only on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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