Meet Chace, the ‘Alone Australia’ Youngster Who Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

The 2024 Alone Australia contestant Chace

Alone Australia has just premiered, and the first episode was a thrilling, terrifying ride. It was fascinating to see the likes of Leanne and Jason get psychologically prepared to hunt deer. We all stressed in our seats when Mike had pains in his chest and needed to call the emergency hotline. However, one Alone Australia contestant we haven’t seen much of in 2024 is Chace.

Unlike Alone Australia 2023, which was filmed in Tasmania, Alone Australia’s 2024 season was filmed in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island. No one is safe here, as the island can get down to -9°C, which will tempt some of the contestants to quit early. The last person to leave their isolated campsite wins $250,000.

In 2024, will Chace have the skills to survive on such an island? Can he compete with the survivalists Leanne and Jason? Or will he be forced to ask for support like Mike did? Here’s everything we know about the 2024 Alone Australia contestant Chace.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Chace?

At 27, Chace is the youngest member of Alone Australia’s 2024 cast. However, while Chace doesn’t have the life experience that his competitors possess, he shouldn’t be underestimated. In the Australian Defence Force, Chace works as a combat engineer. 

As a combat engineer, Chace’s daily activities include exploring and surveying unknown environments for strategic assessments. Chace’s job has trained him to think tactically and quickly adapt to any unknown environment that he’s dropped into.

Beyond work, Chace is a big game hunter. As someone who frequently uses recurve bows, he’s confident that he can sustain himself in the New Zealand wilderness. 

While Chace is going to miss his partner Amy and his dogs, he’s very excited to star in the 2024 season of Alone Australia.

“Being Alone is a dream come true,” Chace said in a press release. “Growing up, I didn’t watch Bob the Builder… I’d be out trying to hunt grandpa’s rabbits. I’ve literally been hunting my whole life, and I’ve been outdoors since before I can remember.”

Alone Australia airs on Wednesdays, only on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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