Andreas Was Built to Survive ‘Alone Australia’ — Here’s Why

Andreas is on Alone Australia 2024

Alone Australia has returned with a twist. Unlike Alone Australia 2023, which was filmed in Tasmania, the 2024 season was filmed in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island. This destination is far more perilous, getting colder than -9°C. But such conditions don’t scare Alone Australia’s Andreas, a man who grew up in the sub-zero temperatures of Sweden.

On Alone Australia 2024, Andreas is up against nine other contestants in the ultimate game of survival. He and the others have been tasked with living by themselves in the wild, for as long as possible. The last person to quit this competition wins $250,000.

However, while Andreas is ready for the cold, is he ready for the other rules that make this competition tough? Can Andreas hunt? Can he live in a tent for three months? Here’s everything we know about Alone Australia’s 2024 contestant Andreas.

Who Is Alone Australia 2024’s Andreas?

While Alone Australia’s Andreas grew up in Sweden, he’s currently a personal trainer living in NSW. When Andreas isn’t working, he’s fishing and hunting. In fact, over 90% of the protein he and his partner consume are acquired through these two activities. After Andreas finishes his hunts, he butchers, processes, and stores every part of each animal he’s killed.

When Andreas goes hunting, he prefers to use a bow. He has dedicated himself to becoming an ethical hunter and educator. 

Andreas believes that he’s ready for the cold and becoming even more self-sustainable. However, he’s unsure if he’ll be the last to leave the New Zealand wilderness.

“I’m confident my body can handle this,” Andreas said in a press release. “I have tested myself in the past, but there’s a big difference between holding your breath for four minutes versus staying out in the bush for three months.”

Alone Australia premieres on Wednesday, March 27 on SBS and SBS on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up with SBS on Demand.

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