Update Your Home Gym With Aldi’s Pull-Up Squat Rack, Fitness Bands and Barbell Set

home gym

There are two things we’re pretty big fans of here at The Latch. Aldi, and home gyms. Now, we’re not saying these are the only two things we’re passionate about but Aldi’s fitness related Special Buys always get our hearts pumping that little bit faster. Sue us, we love a good deal.

And this week’s catalogue — set to launch Saturday 27 February — is even better than usual. Honestly, you could build a home gym from these products alone. Home gyms were highlighted as a fitness trend for 2021, with a RunRepeat study showing that over 70% of participants said outdoor activities and home fitness are the best ways for them to stay fit this year, and the Asia-Pacific home gym equipment market is expected to reach almost $12 billion by 2025.

So what does Aldi have on offer in its special buys range this time? The real question is, what doesn’t it have an offer. Really, we’re not over-exaggerating. You may never leave the house again once you get your hands on these and get set up.

For the hardcore fitness junkies, there’s a Pull-Up Squat Rack. It has a weight capacity of 300kg, along with a chin-up bar, adjustable long-barbell holders and yes, weight storage posts. A piece of equipment so impressive, it comes with its own old-school promotional video.

And if you’re concerned about the whole weight section of it all, Aldi is also offering 10kg Dumbbell Sets. Oh, and both long and curl bar Barbell Sets — 24 kg and 18.3 kilos respectively. 

As for taking care of your back after all that weight lifting? They’ve got an Onset Back Stretcher and Back Posture Brace, as well as Thermoskin Back Stabiliser.

Looking for resistance training? There’s Power Fitness Bands and Physio Resistance Bands. And to top it all off, once the DOMS has set in? Fitness Massage Balls. Get in early for the chance to complete your home gym.

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