From Lego, to Coffee and Beauty: A Guide to Aldi’s Extensive Range of Advent Calendars

Aldi’s range of advent calendars has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years, and, this year, the German discount chain has announced it’ll be dropping its biggest and best selection yet.

“While we have the kids covered with treats, toys and books, and Harry Potter LEGO, adults can also join in on the fun with a luxe LACURA Skin Caviar beauty calendar with skin masks, treatments, creams and serums,” says ALDI Shopping Expert, Kylie Warnke.

“LACURA Caviar is a much-loved range and so is the perfect way to treat yourself or someone you love with a little bit of luxury every day in the countdown to Christmas. Coffee lovers can also rejoice, with our new coffee capsule calendars from EXPRESSI or Vittoria. Sipping on a perfect cup of coffee every day of December, sounds perfect to me.”

So, what does Aldi’s advent calendars range look like this year?

LACURA Skin Science Caviar Illumination 12 Day Advent Calendar, $29.99

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar, $39.99

EXPRESSI Coffee Capsules Advent Calendar, $14.99 

Vittoria Coffee Capsules Advent Calendar $19.99

Disney Frozen Storybook Collection Advent Calendar, $17.99

Milk Chocolate Advent Calendars, $3.99 each

Trolli Fruity Gummi Advent Calendar 105g, $3.99  

Chupa Chups Advent Calendar, $4.99 

The calendars will be in stores from Wednesday, October 20 and, judging how great value they are, we’re guessing they’re going to sell out fast.

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