14 Airbnbs Around the World That Are the Perfect Backdrop For Your Wes Anderson Vids

wes anderson style filming locations

If you haven’t noticed, Wes Anderson’s iconic symmetry and primary colour-fuelled palette have popped up all over TikTok and Instagram, thanks to a viral moment that inspired the film movement. We call it a movement simply because #wesanderson has amassed over 977 million views. Creators around the world have posted their own takes on the Wes Anderson film movement, recording in museums, homes, and outside buildings, overlayed with a red and yellow filter.

Even I’ve made my own little Wes Anderson-esque reel on Instagram of a fried chicken joint in Sydney. Yes, fried chicken. Although, there are much better venues to perfect your Wes Anderson film. Airbnb and Universal Pictures have generously revealed 14 locations from around the world that perfectly fit the aesthetic.

From UFOS to a kaleidoscopic flat in Madrid, recreate your Wes Anderson movie moment today.

wes anderson style filming locations

Retro Caravan Nights

Auckland, New Zealand
You won’t need to put a filter on this one. The retro caravan, sitting prettily on the Pohutukawa coast, is the perfect Wes Anderson-style backdrop for your next video. The caravan, named Claris, was saved from demolition and brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint and an internal renovation. Guests will have access to a roomy double bed, and a small kitchen fitted with three full original Bakelight dinner sets in yellow, green and red, so even your cutlery can make an appearance in the video.

wes anderson style filming locations

Pop Art Apartment

Puglia, Italy
Step into a work of art with this pocket-sized, one-bedroom apartment in Puglia. The pastel-coloured walls and playful and unexpected furnishings make for an interesting Wes Anderson movie moment, with room to play. This Pop Art Apartment is unique and funky, from the bed frame to the car bumpers stuck on the wall.

wes anderson style filming locations

Colourful Apartment

Veneto, Italy
This light-filled three-bedroom apartment overlooking the Rio Marin Canal plays with vibrant colours. Spot the striking paintings adorning the walls and decorative rugs that make you feel like you’re on the set of a Wes Anderson movie. The leafy private garden at the back is a great place to soak up the Italian lifestyle.

wes anderson style filming locations

Dreamy Vintage Trailer

Tennessee, USA
Just a 25-minute drive from downtown Nashville is a completely restored 1949 Spartan Mansion, hidden in a private wooded section of the 40-acre No.9 Farms in Ashland City. The campervan was designed by the farm’s owner and local musician, Brian Oaks, who loves a touch of whimsy and vintage furnishings. The cosy sleeping quarter is ideal for two, with a galley-style kitchen, fully loaded with a coffee maker, cocktail set, and even a popcorn maker. Imagine the videos you could make.

wes anderson style filming locations

Wes Anderson Century Home

Ontario, Canada
This home was built for Wes Anderson. Not literally, but the decor is definitely themed to Wes Anderson’s style. The 100-year-old home has had a major update, with modern fixtures, eclectic and bright decor. A film lover’s dream home and an ode to the owner’s favourite director, the man himself, Wes Anderson.

wes anderson style filming locations

Carroll Rock Home

Joshua Tree, USA
Escape to this desert oasis that has graced the covers of Architectural Digest and Bon Appetit. The home sits on 2.5 acres, with panoramic views of the boulders and mountains in Joshua Tree National Park. While the facade is definitely a highlight, inside, you’ll find natural woods and a muted colour palette, perfect for your next Wes Anderson-style moment.

wes anderson style filming locations

Greek Retro Decor

Thessaloniki, Greece
Combining inspiration from Wes Anderson’s films and Greek retro decor, this loft apartment in Thessaloniki (of all places), is a film makers dream. Think stacks of books, piled from floor to ceiling, quirky chairs, mix-matched furnishings, and a light colour palette.

wes anderson style filming locations

The Courtyard Suite

Kent, UK
If you’ve ever wondered what living in a Dr Seuss world would feel like, then step into this suite. Each room has its own dedicated colour; from the ocean blue bedroom to the coastal living room, every room has an identity. Have fun playing with the colours, the movements, everything. Wes Anderson himself would probably find this suite inspiring and cartoonish.

wes anderson style filming locations

Off the Grid and Forty Feet Up

Oregon, USA
Take your Wes Anderson movie moment to new heights, literally. This Fire Lookout Tower has been turned into a treehouse of sorts, with a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom, (but has three beds) and incredible views of the forest. Mind you, it’s forty feet high, accessed via four flights of stairs. There’s no elevator but endless filming opportunities.

wes anderson style filming locations

Secret Suite

Ormos Ammoudiou, Greece
Similar to the Courtyard Suite, this secret suite embraces colour. Think pink walls and a coastal blue balcony with a hot tub. The uniquely shaped furnishings make this one-bedroom a feast for the eyes.

wes anderson style filming locations

Palazzo Pantelleria Blue House

Sicilia, Italy
Stepping inside this 16th-century Palazzo Pantelleria feels more like stumbling into a storybook than into the pages of a history book. Modern furnishings keep it updated, but the quirky furnishings and bold colour choices make it an interesting home to film in. The red staircase alone is the ideal establishment shot.

wes anderson style filming locations

Retro Astro House

Madrid, Spain
If you remember playing with Barbie in her dream house, then you’ll love this flat in Madrid. Sporting a retro space theme, this two-bedroom flat is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The walls are pink, the chairs are futuristic but vintage at the same time, and the metallic touches are dreamy. There’s so much content to be made here.

wes anderson style filming locations

Futuro Flying Saucer

Redberth, UK
Speaking of space, this flying saucer, plonked in the middle of South Pembrokeshire, is the perfect Wes Anderson-esque backdrop for your video. Outside, the white UFO facade is the captivating moment, but even when you step inside, everything is white, clean, and almost clinical, as you would expect in a spaceship.

wes anderson style filming locations

1959 Airstream

Joshua Tree, USA
Another airstream has made its way onto the list because, let’s face it, airstreams are good for all content. This particular one has a touch of blue, is rounded, and is filled with light, bright decor. Think of it as desert retro, with lots of earthy tones and even a record player. The best part is the hot tub, with views of the never-ending horizon.

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