Is The Bachelorette’s Adam Todd In a Relationship?

Adam Todd

Ever since The Bachelorette’s Adam Todd arrived on the shores of Sydney, rumours have been swirling that he and former The Bachelor star, Bella Varelis are an item.

When he was dumped from the mansion, Varelis posted a cheeky: “Adam, I’ll have you!” and when he appeared on The Project after his elimination, Todd said that there “might have been a little bit of sliding into the DMs.”

However, it turns out that the 25-year-old (and break-out star of Elly and Becky Mile’s season) and the social media influencer are yet to hang out one-on-one.

In a new interview with The Wash over the weekend, the geologist admitted that he’d only “seen her a few times”, however, she was “very nice”.

“We’ve been out together with the rest of the group,” he added.

Further to this, the host of the So Dramatic! Podcast, Megan Pustetto, uploaded a very “important” piece of information.

“Adam Todd has been spotted on dating app Bumble!” she captioned a post of the handsome reality TV star holding a dalmatian puppy.

Adam Todd
Instagram @SoDramaticPodcast_

According to his official Network Ten bio during the show, it said that Todd has “pushed away love in the past”, although is ready to feel “all the warm fuzzy feelings”. And we’re sure there are scores of Sydney women who would happily oblige…

When Todd looks at a woman, the first thing he notices is their attitude towards life, so he’s looking for a “glass-half-full” kind of girl to be his “rock” (pun intended) through life’s ups and downs.

If you’re keen to have the same interests as the science guy, you must love travel, exploring, surfing, exercising and getting outdoors. Oh, a general interest in the sciences. Has anyone introduced him to Chelsie McLeod yet?

Todd, who moved from Perth to Sydney on November 11 (and in with his former Bachelorette castmate, Shannon Karaka) has spent the last few weeks hanging out with the show’s various alum including Pascal Wallace, Beck Cvilikas, Leilani Vakaahi, Bel Colwell and Nicole Campbell.

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