Adam Densten’s Letter to His 90-Year-Old Self Will Make You Evaluate Life

Adam Densten

Former Gogglebox-er and one-half of the Adam and Symon podcast, Adam Densten, is busy kicking some serious life goals.

Not only did he just get engaged to his fiancé Rachel, but he’s also achieving career success with his best mate Symon Lovett.

Here, Densten, 29, sends a letter to his 90-year-old self from where he is now and if not already re-evaluating everything during the global coronavirus pandemic, this letter will definitely give you something to think about.

Letter To My Older Self

There was once a viral trend of writing letters to your former self and giving them advice. I’ve decided to buck the trend and write one to the old man version of me…and threaten him.

Hey Adam/Fossil,

Are your friends still calling you fossil? Cause you’re probably pretty old now and likely have started to fit the name a bit better than when you were 20.

Did you and Sym manage to keep convincing people to let you hang out together for a ‘job’? Also, what happened to cryptocurrency? Would be handy if you passed that info back to me. Thanks. 

I obviously have zero idea where you are, if you achieved your dreams, or whether you made it to 100 and got that letter from the King (if we’re still a part of the monarchy).

All I can say is that I hope one thing happened in your life: you didn’t let yourself get boring. Your 29-year-old self (me) always says ‘Busy is good. Busy is interesting’. So, I hope you’re busy because that will mean you had an interesting life…

It would have been very easy for you to get old and boring; to find a routine and stick to it day in, day out or to stop doing things altogether, get lazy and mindlessly watch tv for hours on end without a goal.

I hope that whenever the thought of doing something fun or the opportunity to meet a friend somewhere arose, you said ‘yes’. I hope you made the effort. You know that from your 20s that it’s worth every moment to see as many people and places as you can and experience as much as you can.

Here are a few things I hope you ticked off before you got too wrinkly and frail: had a healthy and happy family, climbed Kilimanjaro, skydived again, cage dived with great whites, chopped down a tree with nothing but an axe, became a single figure golfer, created a signature dish, ran a marathon and most importantly, yelled ‘what’s going on (insert city here)!!!’ from the main stage at a music festival in front of at least 5,000 people.

I don’t care how old you are, you better still be going to a heap of events, live music, sport and travelling to the parts of the world you haven’t been to.

Oh, and please tell me you’ve seen a Brisbane Lions premiership (which you definitely cried your eyes out to at the MCG when the final siren went)?

I also hope you don’t think ‘what if’ about anything that happened in your life; that you had the courage to risk it all to attain what you wanted.

This comes with one caveat though. I hope you never sacrificed your friends and family for career. You learned sacrifice from Mum and Dad and you better have heeded their lessons. I know the way they brought you up will have shaped you into the man and father you will have become. After all, you’re too stubborn (like Dad) and too sensitive (like Mum) to be too different from the amazing parents they have been to you.

Your sacrifices also better have been for the advancement of those around you. I hope you always chose to sacrifice your own time first, before that of your friends and family. I hope you always had time for them, always made time for them, always ensured there was time for them. After all, you always told yourself there was always enough time in the day to see, contact or call your friends, you just had to be willing to sacrifice.

I guess my hope isn’t that you’re happy. Now you might be thinking that’s a bit ruthless for 29-year-old you to say, but it’s true. I hope the people around you are happy, because that in turn, will make you happy. 

Oh, and last of all, I hope you got your old person’s share house idea off the ground. You know, the one where you and all your mates all sold your houses, bought a mansion and hung out like you were 20 again? You were going to pool all your money to get carers and chefs and cleaners and everything? Like an old folk’s home, but one with only your mates.

If it got up, you’d be having an absolute blast.

That’s it from me mate, I hope you have had fun so far, just don’t be boring for what remains.

Cheers, see you in a bit,


Adam Densten is co-host of Premierships & Footy Trips on Fox Footy and you can catch the Adam & Symon Show podcast every Tuesday and Thursday where they talk the minutia of life and interview people you’ve probably heard of.

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