Zoo Will Name a Cockroach After Your Ex and Feed It to a Meerkat on Valentine’s Day


The El Paso Zoo in Texas is helping you get revenge on your less-than-perfect ex by metaphorically feeding them to a pack of hungry meerkats. Ah, sweet poetic justice.

The ‘Quit Bugging Me’ program was launched by the zoo in 2019. To take part, all of those who had been burnt in a breakup were invited to send a message to the zoo via Facebook with their ex’s first name and last initial.

Then, on February 14, all names were published to zoo’s website while the feeding frenzy event was live-streamed to ensure all who took part could warm their cold, dead hearts in viewing their exes being chomped down.

Last year, more than 1,500 names were submitted, and because the nutrient-rich nature of cockroaches means meerkats are only recommended to eat one a day, the remaining roaches were sent to the monkeys as a snack.

And it seems the event is returning again in 2020 — the El Paso Zoo teased the reprise of ‘Quit Bugging Me’ in a Tweet on Wednesday.

The notion of naming roaches after exes is not isolated to the El Paso zoo.

Other establishments that include the Bronx Zoo, Zoo Boise, and the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the UK will allow you to name roaches after your former flames for a fee that goes straight to conservation programs, though these establishments won’t feed the bugs to animals afterwards.

So it’s really your call how much revenge you’d like to exercise. Will you brand your ex a roach for life? Or will you feed them to a pack of sharp-toothed mongooses?