Everything You Need to Know About the Yes23 Campaign

Yes23. Maybe you’ve zoomed past their logo on a bus. Maybe you flick past one of their ads while channel surfing. Maybe you overheard the phrase at an underground Beyblade tournament. 

However, just because you know Yes23’s name, that doesn’t mean you know what they’re about. So, let’s not faff around. Here are the details you need.

What Is the Yes23 Campaign?

Yes23 campaign supporters
Image: Yes23

Yes23 is a group of First Nations folks and other Aussies who want an Indigenous Voice to Parliament to be established. A Voice to Parliament will be a group of First Nations peoples that advises the Federal Government on First Nations issues.

What’s more, this campaign wants a Voice to Parliament to be established with support from the Australian public. Later this year, a referendum will ask us if we want a Voice to Parliament to become a reality. This campaign wants all of us to vote yes. 

Why Does Yes23 Support a Voice to Parliament?

Yes23 rally
Image: Yes23

Yes23 supports a Voice to Parliament because they believe that it will improve many First Nations peoples’ circumstances. 

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know and understand the best way to deliver real and practical change in their communities,” said Yes23 in a statement.

“When they have a say through a Voice, we can finally start to close the gap that still exists between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians on practical issues like life expectancy.”

“This is why a ‘Yes’ result is important.”

How Is the Yes23 Campaign Going?

Yes23 campaign resource
Image: Yes23

As of June 14, Yes23 believes it has the votes to win the upcoming referendum. They believe that the majority of Australians stan a Voice to Parliament.   

However, according to the ABC, divisions have formed within this organisation. Some members want it to acquire corporate support, while others want it entrenched in grassroots campaigns. 

Will such divisions weaken their overall strategy? Well, that future is yet to be played.

If you want to learn more about the yes campaign, follow the link here.

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