Yacht Quarantine Is a Thing: Does Thailand Have the Right Idea?


Travellers returning to Australia are still required to undergo two weeks of mandatory hotel quarantine. While one of the strictest measures in the world, the plan is very much the reason Australia’s response to COVID-19 has been so successful. 

Around the world, travel restrictions and quarantine rules vary. Some countries require a few days of quarantine, others ask 21 days of isolation, and some have no quarantine periods at all. You’d expect quarantine periods to take place in either a hotel, quarantine facility or personal home, but Thailand is taking a different approach — allowing travellers the chance to spend their mandatory quarantine days onboard a luxury yacht. 

Around 100 yachts are now gearing up to host quarantining travellers in April in Phuket, Thailand, according to Lonely Planet. For those interested in taking part, a smart wristband must be worn to monitor the traveller’s location and vital signs, including their temperature. 

Results will be sent back to monitoring officials on the island while the Navy will track the yachts. When the mandatory 14 days is up, the passenger will be able to dock and holiday freely in tropical bliss. We have to admit, it’s a pretty appealing way to ensure a safe quarantine and still get to experience the beauty of Thailand from afar. 

Even more appealing still, the Thailand Government recently announced it would be slashing its 14-day isolation period to seven days for travellers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. All travellers to Thailand must present a negative test result before travelling.

Thailand is already allowing visitors the chance to quarantine at ‘Golf Resorts’. Bars and restaurants at these facilities are closed, but isolating travellers are still allowed to roam around a golf course and play a few holes while waiting out the mandatory period. Last week, Thailand’s tourism minister said the country will also be looking into beach resort quarantine in popular tourism areas. 

The Anantara Hotel group is offering 15-day quarantine packages for travellers to Thailand already, starting from AU $3,291. You can choose to stay in Bangkok or Phuket, where some of the villas even have private pools and all meals cooked by resort chefs. 

It’s certainly a lavish way to quarantine; one that might even feel like a holiday in itself. As for us, we’d probably rather wait until we can travel safely around a destination, visiting luxury resorts, while also taking part in local tours, dining at local restaurants, and going for adventures in nature. 

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