Inside the US $101 Million Yacht from ‘Tenet’


Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was far and away 2020’s biggest film. The mind-bending story, which travels somewhat confusingly through time, is led by an all-star cast that includes John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki.

Second only to the actors who play out the director’s vision are the jaw-dropping global destinations in which they’re filmed. From Oslo and Amalfi to Mumbai and London, the cast hopped across Europe to film scenes, with the film hitting its climax upon a superyacht in the Italian coast.

The superyacht in which Tenet‘s pivotal scenes take place is called ‘Planet Nine’. As Yacht Charter Fleet points out, the name Planet Nine is fitting for its use in the film, especially in considering Nolan’s plot required the protagonists to find “nine objects that, when combined, will create an ‘Algorithm’ that will reverse entropy for the entire planet and essentially kill all life on earth”.

Image: Yacht Charter Fleet

Planet Nine is actually available for passenger charter starting at US $650,000 a week, and should someone wish to buy it for themselves, they very well could — provided they have US $101 million to spare.

The yacht, built only recently in 2018, is enormous being 73m in length and with a weight of around 2,100 tons. Spanning over five decks and with an elevator to connect them all, Planet Nine has enough room to accommodate 12 guests in nine cabins, while accommodating a crew of 20.

The main deck is dedicated to a 278sqm suite, a private apartment for the primary guests. There’s a huge bedroom, ensuite and dressing rooms, plus a large salon, study area and additional cabin.

Image: Yacht Charter Fleet

A VIP suite is situated on the bridge deck, while the remaining bedrooms can be found on the lower deck, which also gives direct access to the beach club and spa facilities, including a steam room and sauna.

The sundeck is designed for relaxation and entertainment with an outdoor dining area, jacuzzi, sunbeds, a swim platform, bar and lounging areas. The yacht’s upper deck is kept clear as a helipad.

Image: Yacht Charter Fleet

In addition, the vessel also has a number of living areas, a panoramic observation lounge, a library, a formal dining room, a cinema, and a locker of water toys that include scuba gear, inflatable trampolines, surfboards, inflatable canoes, jet skis, and kite surfers.

The plot of Tenet would likely sooner take place in real life before we would ever be able to afford a stay on Planet Nine, but should you wish to find out more or dare we say, book a week on board, then you can find out more information here.

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