Are You Surprised by the World’s Sexiest Accent?


A new global survey finds the Scottish accent gets the most hearts racing, especially for women… could Outlander have anything to do with this?

Training platform The Knowledge Academy conducted a survey of 2,500 single women and men to uncover once and for all, the sexiest accents around the world.

As the data would indicate, 8 in 10 people consider accents to be an attractive quality in potential partners. Not entirely surprising, but some of the results are.

A top ten for men and women were eventually determined by the survey coordinators and these resulted in some very different preferences between genders.

For women, the Scottish accent came out on top, with 86% of participants deeming it the sexiest above all others.

The Irish accent followed in second place with 77% of women rating the intonation (we blame Normal People‘s Connell for this one).

Italian came next with a score of 68%, followed by French (61%), and rounding out the top five was the Spanish accent with a score of 56%.

The top five for men appeared a little different. The Spanish accent topped the list with 88% citing it the sexiest of all.

Brazilian Portuguese came next, earning a score of 76%, and the Australian accent earned third place with 72%.

French followed with a score of 69%, and the American accent rounded out the top five (62%).

The Kiwi accent, named the sexiest in 2019, dropped to sixth place on the list for men with 54% favouring it.

And opposite to women, the Scottish accent actually came in at number 10 on the list with only 29% of men finding it sexy. Check out the full lists below.

Sexiest accents to women

  1. Scottish 86%
  2. Irish 77%
  3. Italian 68%
  4. French 61%
  5. Spanish 56%
  6. Brazilian Portuguese 48%
  7. Queen’s English 47%
  8. Australian 35%
  9. South African 29%
  10. Mexican 23%

Sexiest accents to men

  1. Spanish 88%
  2. Brazilian Portuguese 76%
  3. Australian 72%
  4. French 69%
  5. American 62%
  6. Kiwi 54%
  7. Czech 47%
  8. Italian 43%
  9. Mexican 31%
  10. Scottish 29%

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