The World’s Billionaires Are Gravitating Towards These 10 Cities


Surrounded by the finer things in life, and other rich people, apparently, it would seem the world’s wealthiest people are living mostly in 10 global cities. 

Whether it’s the job opportunities or multi-million dollar properties that draw them in, like attracts like, and there’s no clearer demonstration of this than when the world’s richest cities are broken down into raw figures.

According to Forbes, 552 of 2,095 people in their billionaires index live in just 10 cities; more and more of which are in Asian countries. Regardless of this, New York City keeps its title as the most prominent home to billionaires, and for its sixth consecutive year.

Real estate platform REALM and financial data firm Wealth-X took part in a study that recently revealed New York City as the place you’ll find the highest concentration of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) homeowners; most homes exceeding US$30 million. 

According to the research, these are the richest cities in the world, in ranked order of the number of billionaires in the city, the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) homeowners, and the total net worth. 

1. New York

Billionaire count: 92

UHNW Homeowners: 24,660

Total net worth: AUD$532 billion

2. Hong Kong

Billionaire count: 71

UHNW Homeowners: 14,235

Total net worth: AUD$402 billion

3. Moscow

Billionaire count: 70

UHNW Homeowners: [Unspecified]

Total net worth: AUD$377 billion

4. Beijing

Billionaire count: 67

UHNW Homeowners: 4,480

Total net worth: AUD$342 billion

5. London

Billionaire count: 56

UHNW Homeowners: 14,485

Total net worth: AUD$266.7 billion


6. Shanghai

Billionaire count: 46

UHNW Homeowners: [Unspecified]

Total net worth: AUD$163.9 billion

7. Shenzhen

Billionaire count: 44

UHNW Homeowners: 2,830

Total net worth: AUD$276.1 billion

8. Mumbai

Billionaire count: 38

UHNW Homeowners: [Unspecified]

Total net worth: AUD$187.2 billion

9. San Francisco

Billionaire count: 37

UHNW Homeowners: 6,740

Total net worth: AUD$113.7 billion

10. Singapore

Billionaire count: 31

UHNW Homeowners: 5,250

Total net worth: AUD$119.4 billion

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