The World’s Deepest Pool Just Opened and It’ll Give You Nightmares

Thalassophobia is the intense fear of deep bodies of water. Most commonly, the fear applies to oceans, seas, and lakes, but for the first time in our lives, we’re experiencing clammy hands and that familiar tightening of the chest just looking at this pool. But this isn’t just any old pool.

The world’s deepest human-made pool just opened in Poland. Aptly named Deepspot, the pool was constructed to be over 45 metres deep (NOPE), which also means it goes underground (NOPE and NOPE).

The pool was thought out not just to haunt our nightmares but as a means of training passionate divers of all levels. Beginners can acclimatise to diving in the shallower waters up to a casual 25m, while professionals can take it further by plunging 45m into the deep, dark and narrow abyss.

deepspot poland

It is maintained at a balmy temperature of 32-34 degrees Celcius (at least you won’t freeze!) and it’s got all sorts of terrifying installations to explore.

There’s an ominous sunken boat you can scuba around, multiple small spaces you can almost get stuck in; even a five-level cave that’s nice and dark with spooky rock formations that are perfect for getting lost in. All in all, it’s so massive that it contains 8,000 square metres of water.

cave deepspot

For those non-divers unwilling to flare their thalassophobia, Deepspot also has an underwater tunnel that allows people to stay dry and safe while watching the divers as they go about their business.

This part I could get around, and I wouldn’t say no to a stay in the underwater hotel rooms that offer floor-to-ceiling windows inside the pool. That part’s pretty cool too.

You can find out more about Deepspot and view more pics of the pool on the site.

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