A Case for the Mid-Week Workation


The unpredictable and at times shambolic events of 2020 saw a major change to almost all aspects of our lives, but especially in the ways we work.

For many, lockdowns and social distancing restrictions meant a shift towards remote working, and while our cities are reopening and offices are now welcoming staff back, there is a general desire to maintain a more flexible working arrangement going forward.

According to new YouGov research commissioned by Airbnb, 80% of full-time workers would consider relocating to work remotely. In addition, 23% have already used the Airbnb platform to try it out, and now one in five Aussies would want to live away from home for up to six months.

Independent research from Luxury Escapes only backs this up further. In its Travel Trends Report for 2021, Luxury Escapes reveals 40% of people age 18-44 said they would take the opportunity to work remotely or away next year.

“Increased flexibility in the workplace has made a significant impact on the working week and people have adapted to no longer work within the confines of 9 to 5,” says Simon McGrath, Accor Pacific chief operating officer.

“For the travel industry, this means that length of stay is increasingly being extended from short weekends to longer breaks as consumers are making the most of greater mobility; people are still working hard, but perhaps from a beachside resort balcony in Far North Queensland.”

Having now embarked on two mid-week workations myself, I can confirm that they are officially awesome, plus bring a number of remarkable benefits. Here’s why I’m a fan, and why you should be too.

Cheaper rates

Weekend stays, and especially those that coincide with major holiday events, will increase the cost of a stay significantly due to demand. Mid-week getaways, on the other hand, are always dependably cheaper.

A better work-life balance

While you’ll still be working during your mid-week holiday (unless you choose to take those days as annual leave), the moment 5pm comes around, you’ll be out there on the deck taking in the views with a glass of vino in hand. On your lunch breaks, you can use the hour to enjoy a midday swim or visit a local cafe, and nothing helps you unwind from a day of work faster than a sunset walk on the beach.

Increased productivity

A change of scenery does wonders to up your productivity levels, not to mention the fact that a happy worker harder. Studies have shown happiness plays a huge role in productivity levels. A 2015 experiment on 700 employees found productivity increased by an average of 12% when workers reported feeling happy. And who doesn’t feel happier on holidays?

If you do plan on working from your mid-week stay, be sure to choose a place with a fast and reliable wifi connection.

Keep the weekend

Weekend trips are great, but missing out on events with your friends and family is not. The final months in the year brings some of the best weather, it’s understandable you’d want to make the most of that on your holidays, but at this time of year especially, when we’ve all got Christmas ‘dos and end-of-year events, you don’t want to have to miss out on one or the other.

The beauty of the mid-week vacay is the fact you can have your travel cake and eat it too. Spend the week by the beach, then come home for a weekend of fun and social activities.

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