Toast 100 Years of Vegemite With These Lit Commemorative Coins

There’s no getting around it; I am a Vegitmite simp. I wear a Vegemite bucket hat every single day. If I ever have a child, I will name them “Gluten Free Vegemite Burrows.” Therefore, I am so stoked that a series of Woolworths Vegemite coins have been released into the Australian wild.

That’s right, the Royal Australian Mint has collabd with Woolworths to create some new $2.00 coins. And according to the Mint, these coins commemorate “100 years of the iconic Vegemite brand.” Yup, Vegemite is really that old. This spread was invented in 1923, and it’s somehow 2023.

“Vegemite is one of Australia’s most recognisable and loved brands,” said the Government’s Assistant Minister for Treasury, Andrew Leigh. “It is fitting that the Royal Australian Mint has partnered with Vegemite and Woolworths to celebrate.”

So, with all of this in mind, how many Woolworths Vegemite coins got released? And how do you score one of these $2.00 beauties? Here are the deets you should know:

Woolworths Vegemite Coin: Number One

The first Woolworths coin, which dropped on 17 May, features a jar of Vegemite in its centre. And this is surrounded by a snazzy gold band. Then, on the rim, there’s a whack of text.

The first Woolworths Vegemite coin.
Image: Woolworths / The Latch

This text is as follows: “Vegemite Century — 100 Mighty Years.”

Do you get it? It’s a pun! Whoever came up with this text must have been a dad in his prime.

Woolworths Vegemite Coin: Number Two

The second Woolworths coin, which dropped on 24 May, stars a piece of Vegemite toast in its centre. This art is surrounded by a Vegemite black band. Then, on the rim, there’s some new text.

The second Woolworths Vegemite coin.
Image: Woolworths / The Latch

This text is as follows: “Vegemite Century — Tastes Like Australia.”

However, I would disagree that Vegemite tastes like this joint. ‘Cause for me, Australia tastes like swimming in the Murrumbidgee, accidentally going under, and getting a throat full of river water.

Woolworths Vegemite Coin: Number Three

The third Woolworths coin, which dropped on 31 May, has a child eating a Vegemite sandwich in its centre. What’s more, this kiddo is surrounded by a delightful red band. Then, like the other two coins, there’s some text around its rim.

The third Woolworths Vegemite coin.
Image: Woolworths / The Latch

This text is as follows: “Vegemite Century — Happy Little Vegemites.”

Now, this text is in reference to a line from Vegitmite’s beloved 1959 ad. For who doesn’t want to be happy and little?

How Do I Get a Woolworths Vegemite Coin?

From 17 May until 6 June, the only way you could get a Woolworths Vegemite Coin is by winning one from a till.

This means that couldn’t buy a Vegemite coin directly from Woolworths. You also couldn’t buy them from the Royal Australian Mint.

As Woolworths said in a statement, “The Royal Australian Mint has minted only a limited number of these coins. The Vegemite $2.00 coins are available only while stocks last.”

“Woolworths are unable to order more. To allow all our customers the chance to collect the coins we have limited the $2.00 coins to five per transaction.”

What’s more, Woolworths estimated that its Vegemite coins stock would be exhausted by June 6. This means that the only way you can score them now is by buying them on the resell market.

How Much Is a Woolworths Vegemite Coin Worth?

As it stands, these Woolworths Vegemite coins are exceptionally pricey on the resell market. This is due some scalpers selling them in bulk.

On the Facebook Marketplace, some Woolworths coins are going for $8.00 each. Meanwhile, on Gumtree, one user tried to sell two bags of them for a whopping $400.

Two bags on Woolworths Vegemite coins on Gumtree
Image: Gumtree

However, according to the Perth Numismatist* Joel Kandiah, these Woolworths Vegemite Coins will probably drop in value sometime in the future. Kandiah is a coin collector who’s amassed an impressive following on both TikTok and the Gram.

“Overall, it seems that a lot of people are missing out on a certain coin to complete the set,” said Kandiah. “So, prices are currently pushing $5 a coin because people are desperate to complete their collection.”

“What people forget is, overall, there is a very low usage of cash, and there will probably be a decent amount of stock left over once the promotion finishes, then they’ll all be put into circulation through the security companies in the next month or so. It’s happened with every Woolworths release.”

Therefore, if you’re hankering for these Woolworths Vegemite Coins, don’t buy them from a scalper. Just wait a few months and get them when they’re a few bucks.

*A numismatist is a fancy name for a coin expert.

Who Created These Woolworths Vegemite Coins?

These Woolworths Vegemite coins were designed by the sculptor Aaron Baggio. Which makes sense, as Baggio has been working for the Royal Australian Mint for over 15 years.

In 2012, Baggio designed some coins to commemorate 50 years of the Australian Ballet. And in 2013, he designed some holographic coins in honour of the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks.

When discussing his work, Baggio has described it as both “challenging and stupendously rewarding.”

A 50 cent piece that commemorates the Australian Ballet’s 50th anniversary.
Image: Royal Australian Mint

The History of Vegemite Coins

Now, while these Woolworths’ Vegemite coins are neat, they’re not going to satisfy everyone. This is because some folks went to a Woolworths, used a till, and didn’t receive a rare piece of shrapnel.

Addtionally, some people don’t have a spare $400 to blow on these Vegemite coins.

Yet, if you’re one such person, don’t despair. ‘Cause in 2022, the Royal Australian Mint preemptively released a centennial Vegemite coin. And you don’t have to be lucky to get one: You can buy them from their website.

The Royal Australian Mint’s $1 Vegemite coin.
Image: Royal Australian Mint

These Vegemite dollarydoos are a tad bigger, as they’re $1 coins. They also feature a piece of toast that’s been painted a Vegemite colour. This toast has a bite in its top left corner. 

If you want one of these Vegemite coins, it’ll cost ya $33.00. And you can follow the link here to snag one. Have fun.

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