Woolworths Is Introducing Trolley Disinfectant Stations and Shoppers Are Already Big Fans

woolworths trolley

Our collective consciousness around germs presented last year when hand sanitiser become a doorway staple. But it wasn’t only individuals who jumped on board; big corporations like Woolworths also stepped up to the cleanliness challenge.

And now the supermarket has taken its measures one step further. It’s already got a sanitiser station available for your hands and wipes for the trolley handle, but for those other parts of the trolley that get touched, Woolworths is trialling a new trolley disinfector machine.

Currently being put to the test at the Oran Park store in Sydney — where it began the trial earlier this month on April 16 — the device called the Woolworths “Sanitizit Trolley Washer Unit” is used by trolley operators and is capable of cleaning numerous trolleys at once.

In fact, a video on TikTok, from user @sezzarellaruby, shows the individual sanitising machine in action — calling it a “car wash, only free.” She also questions whether or not she can get inside it too (saves a long shower?).

woolworths trolley
Image: TikTok

A Woolworths spokesperson talked to The Latch, saying “Keeping our customers and teams safe continues to be our top priority at Woolworths.

“As a food retailer, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene in our supermarkets including the thorough cleaning of high touchpoint areas including shopping trolleys.

“As part of our COVIDsafe program, we are trialling a bespoke customer trolley disinfectant unit at our Oran Park store, which enables customers to push a trolley into a dedicated standalone unit where it is sprayed with disinfectant.

“By completing the cleaning process in under two seconds, the initiative is proving very popular with customers looking for a fast and efficient way to clean their trolleys.

“We’re always looking for ways to make the in-store customer experience more convenient, and will closely monitor customer feedback over the coming weeks.”

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