Here’s What Woolworths’ Low Price Freeze Means for Your Wallet

If you’re worried that the cost of living crisis will prevent you from smashing a packet of beetroot wafer crackers each night then panic no more because Woolworths is price freezing a whack of its essential items. This move was announced in an email by the company’s CEO Brad Banducci and will prevent lots of items from rising in price.

In the email, Banducci explained that this price freeze was on items like nappies, laundry powder, and pasta. He also admitted, “Food inflation in Australia began to increase towards the end of last year following many years of low inflation. Initially, it affected mostly meat and imported products, but has since grown to impact almost every category.”

Moreover, it’s because of these ever-growing cost of living prices that Woolworths has launched its Low Price Freeze initiative. In a scheduled follow-up email obtained by The Latch, Banducci wrote to his customers, “Despite ongoing inflation challenges and pressures, Woolworths is committing that the prices on these essential trolley items bought regularly by Australian families will remain at the same price as they are today.”

According to Woolworth’s site, around 200 items are in the Low Price Freeze category. If you’re curious about what items are, then here’s our handy-dandy guide:

Household items – Sandwich bags, bleach, cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths, cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, cling wrap, sponges, laundry powder,  laundry liquid, vinegar, serviettes, nappies, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tablets, fabric softener.

Frozen itemsSpinach, peas, fish, chicken, pies, sausage rolls.

Fridge items – Cheese, eggs, yogurt, cold juice, bacon, frozen pastry.

Pantry items – Flour, sugar, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sauces, tomato paste, pasta, juice, oats, beans, jerky, crackers, bread, canned meats, canned veggies, biscuits, soft drink, corn flakes, popcorn, water, salsa, chocolate, nuts, sultanas, soup, rice cakes, rice.

So, while this deal doesn’t address the fact that some fresh veggies cost more than a packet of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, it does allow you to snack on some beans. This section also has all the ingredients that go into making a scrumptious smattering of pasta, if that sort of thing is your vibe. 

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