Woolworths Has Released a Vegan Version of Its Famous $4.50 Mud Cake

Mud cake

If there’s one thing Woolworths is known for, it’s their mud cake. Setting you back a mere $4.50, it’s been a birthday party staple for years, striking the perfect balance between moist and dry and topped with delicious, chocolate icing.

And as of this month, vegans can now enjoy the cake, with Woollies releasing a plant-based version weighing in at a whopping 1kg. Called the Plantitude Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Mud Cake, the vegan cake is one of five new plant-based products the supermarket chain has dropped ahead of Christmas.

Woollies mud cake

Also on the line-up is a vegan traditional fruit pudding, a dairy-free vanilla custard, a dairy-free brandy custard and a plant-based Christmas roast. Made with soy protein and, of course, Christmas herbs and spices, and coming with a cranberry glaze you can serve it with, a few of the roasts are an easy centrepiece for a Christmas lunch with several vegetarians and vegans at the table.

In addition to the plant-based items, Woollies has also released a range of ‘Free From’ Christmas treats that’ll cater to those with food allergies and intolerances. Featuring puddings and fruit mince pies, all products can be found in the bakery section of its stores.

“Christmas is all about bringing together family and friends while sharing quality fresh food, but with that comes a range of dietary restrictions or preferences,” says Guy Brent, Managing Director Woolworths Food Company.

Woollies plant-based

“This Christmas, […] we’ve made it easy for customers to get everything they need for their festive spread in one shop at Woolworths. We know many customers enjoy variety in their diet. We’ve seen a 23% lift in demand for our Woolworths Plantitude products on last year, so we’re expecting many more Christmas spreads to include plant-based products this year.”

Woolworths Plantitude Christmas range is rolling out in select stores throughout November and the Woolworths Free From range is available now. Happy feasting.

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