And Just Like That, the Prada Guy Is Back in the ‘SATC’ Reboot (as Someone Else Entirely)

william abadie

Eagle-eyed fans of Sex and the City might have noticed a familiar face in episode nine of the reboot, And Just Like That… even if only for the minute of screen time he had.

In the penultimate episode, Carrie and her new best mate Seema attempt to get into a hot Manhattan club, only to be told it’s at capacity and be turned away by a doorman (who also cancels Seema after she tries to bribe him).

The newfound friends decide to go for a nice dinner instead, seeing as it’s Seema’s 54th birthday. It’s here that Seema confesses to Carrie that she thought 53 would be the age she met “her guy” — but admits that she met a fabulous new friend instead, making it her best year yet. The two then cheers to 54 being the year Seema is lucky in love, at last.

Well, you just know that as soon as they utter these words, a hot romance is on the horizon for our favourite high-powered New York realtor don’t you?

Cut to later in the episode when Seema has very kindly driven Carrie to Greenpoint to help Miranda and Nya paint a women’s shelter. This act of generosity comes about because a) Carrie’s been told by Miranda that she can’t just “be the white woman who writes a check” and b) she doesn’t seem to think the subway is an acceptable form of transport for her best client, I mean friend. To be fair, the G train is an absolute goddamn nightmare, so I kinda see her point.

Once in Brooklyn (and horrified at the idea of wearing a loaner t-shirt to paint in), Seema decides that while Carrie can’t be the white lady who writes a check, she can surely be the brown lady who does, and off she goes to smoke a cigarette.

Cue: a sexy, French man pulling up in his fancy car and sparks flying as he sees Seema smokin’, both figuratively and literally, on the sidewalk. Turns out, sexy Frenchie is the owner of the club she is inadvertently sitting in front of and he’s not too happy about the fact the good samaritans painting the shelter are blocking the entrance. Apparently, it doesn’t matter that it’s about 3pm in the afternoon and, therefore, around seven hours before the place will even open.

So, this guy might not have a heart, but he does have a great head of hair and, evidently, a thing for “bosses” like Seema. Great news, as this means she will no longer have to wait in line to enter a club — although why a 54-year-old woman would want to go clubbing in Brooklyn with a sea of 20-somethings high on molly and hipster entitlement is beyond me, but hey, to each their own. I just hope she has some Chanel earplugs stashed in her Fendi purse, otherwise, girlfriend is going to have a hard time hearing next time Carrie mentions her husband died.

Anyway, you will likely have seen hot Frenchie and thought “hey! I know him!” Well, friends, his name in real life is William Abadie and you’ve most recently seen him Emily in Paris as Antoine Lambert. 

He has also appeared in Gossip Girl as Blair’s dad’s partner Roman and as Alan Bernard in Homeland. Other credits include The OC, Gotham and The Mentalist. 

That’s not all though, folks. If you picked Abadie as Tony, the Prada guy Carrie tries to set Charlotte up with in Sex and the City episode ‘Lights, Camera, Relationship’ (season six, episode five) then bravo! You win a prize because that is surely him. You can reminisce below. 

It’s not the first cheeky casting throwback the reboot has snuck in, either. In the episode ‘Diwali’, fans noted that Seema’s dad was played Ajay Mehta, who appeared as a busboy that kissed Samantha in the season two SATC episode ‘They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?’

According to IMDb, William Abadie’s characters name is “Zed” and he appears in two episodes of And Just Like That…, including the finale so we’ll get to see if those little sparks become with Seema become a full-blown fire, or if the only blaze she gets is the one from the end of her cigarette. 

Stay tuned.

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