Andrew Tate Has Been Formally Charged — All the Details We Know

Warning: This article deals with accounts of rape and sexual assault and may be triggering for survivors of abuse.

Andrew Tate has been formally charged with a number of sex crimes.

In August of last year, I predicted that Andrew Tate would become irrelevant. This was after he was banned from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

However, I was wrong. I never would have guessed that Tate would later be publicly humiliated by the climate activist Greta Thunberg. What’s more, I didn’t think that the Romanian police would actually apprehend and charge him. 

But on 29 December 2022, Andrew Tate was arrested. He was locked up in Romania for being suspected of human trafficking, creating an organised crime group that exploited women, and rape. On 20 June 2023, Tate was formally charged with these acts.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate
Image: Twitter

Andrew Tate is a man who rose to mainstream popularity in 2022 for saying cringey, trite waffle on social media platforms. For instance, he believes that men are biologically better drivers than women and that learning statistics is for fools. 

Additionally, Tate is infamous for leaving the United Kingdom and moving to Romania after being investigated for being an alleged abuser. Later on, Tate claimed that Romania’s more lenient sexual assault laws were “40% of the reason” he moved.  

Tate said, “I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free.”

However, despite claiming that Romania has lax sexual assault laws, the Romanian police began investigating claims that Tate sexually assaulted a woman back in April of 2022. They began this investigation after being tipped off that a 21-year-old woman was being held in Tate’s house against her will. The police also raided his home. 

It was around this time that Tate was banned from a plethora of social media platforms. This was because heaps of the stuff he said went against their terms of service. After this ban took place, Tate lost a tonne of his cultural relevance.

Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg

On December 27, 2022, Andrew Tate tweeted the following message to Thunberg: “I have 33 cars. My Bugatti has a W16 8L quad turbo. My TWO Ferrari 812 Competiziones have 6.5L, V12s. This is just the start.”

“Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.”

Thunberg then responded with: “Email me at [email protected].”

As it stands, Thunberg’s tweet has over 3.8 million likes. It is in the top ten most-liked tweets of all time. 

On December 28 of 2022, Tate responded with a video that has less than 300,000 likes. The most interesting thing about Tate’s video is the pizza boxes on his table.

Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

As previously noted, Andrew Tate was arrested later that month for being suspected of human trafficking, exploiting women, and rape. 

Tate was arrested alongside his brother, Tristian Tate, and two Romanian women.

Authorities released additional details about the brother’s potential crimes. They were accused of taking women to a property near Bucharest and “through physical violence, mental intimidation, and coercion,” forcing them to create pornography.

Did Andrew Tate Doxx Himself?

Andrew Tate
Image: Twitter

People across the internet originally believed that Tate’s filmed pizza boxes tipped police off to his current location. This is because these boxes came from a local Romanian pizza chain. However, the Romanian anti-organised-crime unit later denied this theory. 

Andrew Tate’s 2023 Life

Andrew Tate
Image: Getty Images

Since being arrested, 15 luxury cars and over ten properties have been seized from Andrew Tate and his brother. These individuals’ arrest detainment periods were also increased from 24 hours to 30 days.

The authorities have said that the Tate brother’s possessions were confiscated to prevent them from being hidden at a later date. If the brothers are found guilty, they will be sold in order to pay the victims and pay for the investigation. 

On January 11 of 2023, the Tates appealed the fact that their possessions were seized and their 30-day arrest detainment periods. 

In March, the Tates were moved from police custody and placed under house arrest after a ruling from a Romanian judge.

On 20 June, they both were charged with the formerly mentioned crimes. However, a trial will probably not begin for at least a few months, as the judge will have up to 60 days to review the situation.

Andrew, Tristian, and the two Romanian women have all denied committing these crimes. It will now be a while before Andrew Tate is irrelevant again.

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If this article brings up any issues for you or anyone you know, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) the National Sexual Assault, domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service.

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