Everyone We’ve Said Goodbye to on the Way to ‘The Summit’

The Summit is a series where 14 strangers have to climb New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range in just 14 days.

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the trekkers are also carrying a million dollars in cash up the mountain with them, split evenly amongst their backpacks. However, when someone goes home on The Summit, a slice of this mill disappears. For however many of them make it to the end, they’ll split the remaining prize among them.

But this is reality television, of course, and not everyone will make it to the end. In fact, on the very first episode of The Summit, Stephen went home. 

During a challenge, the trekkers had to choose one person that they’d want to leave behind. They would axe this person by cutting a suspension bridge that they were climbing.

“Decide as a group who will be the last to cross the bridge, then use the axe to cut the support rope,” stated the challenge. “The bridge will break, leaving that person and their cash behind.”

“You will move forward with one less person, but ultimately more on track to reach The Summit. Keep this information from those yet to cross.”

They chose Stephen, because he was the slowest member of their group. They cut his support rope, and this dude fell from the bridge. Brutal, mate, brutal.

In the second episode, we said goodbye to Kitty, but unlike Stephen, Kitty didn’t go home because of a challenge.

Instead, some of the climbers were frustrated with her walking pace, and after a group discussion, Kitty came to the conclusion that she was slowing the group down too much. She then elected to leave The Summit and go on home.

“All of you who have helped me, thank you,” said Kitty before her departure. “I think I’ve done a pretty good job. See you on the other side!”

Of course, the show is just getting started, and there’s plenty more drama that’s yet to unfold on The Summit Australia 2023.

Who Went Home on The Summit Australia?


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Alex
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Indy
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Josh
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Sam
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Phillip
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Annikki
Channel 9


The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Gemma
Channel 9


the summit 2023 jacqui
Channel 9


On the first episode of The Summit, Stephen went home.
Channel 9


On the second episode of The Summit, Kitty went home.
Channel 9

The Summit Australia airs at 7pm on Sunday, and at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 9 and 9Now. Miss an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

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