Burst Balloons: Here’s Who Went Home on ‘Blow Up Australia’ 2023

Blow Up Australia has dropped, and we’ve all been woahed and wondered by the talent of these gnarly balloon artists. However, not everyone can be a winner, even in the latex industry. Which brings us up against today’s question: Who went home on Blow Up Australia?

At the beginning of this series, there were 10 Australian balloon artists in this series. However, as the episodes go by, this number will be whittled down to one. What’s more, the final balloon artist will win a whopping $100,000 worth of prize money.

The first person who went home on Blow Up Australia was Robbie Kay. Robbie was the youngest contestant, at a spry and nimble 34. He is also a close-up magician, regular at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and self-taught in the art of making balloons slay.

In an interview before his elimination, Robbie said, “I’m competing with my can-do attitude, aiming to learn as much as possible and the strategy to wing it when needed!”

However, as we already know, Robbie’s strategy didn’t pay off. His balloon art wasn’t on the same level as the veterans he was competing against. The $100,000 disappeared through his balloon-weary fingers.

The competition is just getting started, but after Robbie’s brutal departure, we’re sure the rest of the cast will be on their toes.

Who Went Home on Blow Up Australia?




Robbie Kay
Channel 7

Blow Up Australia airs at 7.30pm, Monday and Tuesday. It only plays live on Channel 7 and 7plus. And if you miss an episode? Catch up on 7plus.

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