Who Killed Alexander Sokolov in ‘The Flight Attendant’?

The Flight Attendant

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first few episodes of The Flight Attendant and the book it’s based on.

Take your seat and fasten your seatbelt because you’re in for a turbulent flight.

The Flight Attendant has just landed on BINGE and if you haven’t seen the first few episodes, you’re going to want to stop everything and watch it.

Based on the book by Chris Bohjalian, the story follows a flight attendant named Cassie Bowden (Kayley Cuoco) whose date with a man in “3C” — Alexander “Alex” Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) turns deadly.

After a whirlwind evening, she wakes up in his hotel room, accompanied by his bloody corpse and no recollection of what happened. Panicking, Cassie flees the scene after cleaning up the mess and spirals as she tries to piece the night together.

Cassie becomes a prime suspect with FBI but she is adamant she didn’t do it. So, who did?

Here are our theories.

Was it Cassie Bowden?

Even though Cassie is an irresponsible drunk and there are various flashbacks to her childhood and the trauma thrust upon her, it feels a little too obvious that our heroine would be the one who actually did it.

Bohjalian’s book backs this theory because according to the novel, it wasn’t her, however, this is TV, so did she really?

Was it Miranda Croft?

Another obvious suspect comes in the form of the mysterious and cut-throat Miranda Croft (Michelle Gomez). The woman who joined Alex and Cassie on their date.

In the book, Miranda is known as Elena, a Russian operative who was ordered to kill Alex by her handle, Viktor Tarkovsky — who turns out to be a double agent.

Gomez’ character could be the one who wielded the knife, but it remains to be unseen.

Was it Megan Briscoe?

There’s definitely something fishy going on with Cassie’s flight attendant colleague, Megan Briscoe (Rosie Perez).

From working against her husband, to her incessant phone calls and need to be liked by Cassie, maybe she’s the one who slit Alex’s throat?

In the novel, Megan did sell secrets to the Russians, however, was she involved in the murder?

Was it Buckley Ware — another one of Cassie’s flings?

In the book, Buckley (Colin Woodell) is a Russian, but in the series, we’ve only known him as Cassie’s fling so far.

As we know in every murder mystery, everyone is a suspect. So, with that in mind, we shouldn’t rule him out.

So not to spoil everything — let’s just say he might not be an innocent bystander.

Was it Alex Sokolov?

“But he’s the one who is dead!” you may yell.

Something dodgy is definitely going on with his family and maybe there are two of them i.e. twins? Or maybe he killed himself to get out of the shifty business that he is caught up in.

One thing is for sure, we’re loving The Flight Attendant, streaming now on BINGE.

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