Who Is I’m A Celebrity’s Woody Whitelaw?

Yes, Woody Whitelaw’s real name is actually Woody Whitelaw. What’s more, Whitelaw is an Aussie radio host and comedian. He began his radio career in 2012, hosting a national series on the HIT network called Weekend Breakfast. Whitelaw made this program with his co-host and schoolmate, Will McMahon. 

Two years later, Woody Whitelaw and McMahon moved to Perth to host a 92.9FM program with Heidi Anderson. This program was called Wake up With Heidi, Will, and Woody.

Since then, Whitelaw has performed stand-up on The Project and around Australia.

In his personal life, Woody Whitelaw has a partner. He’s in a relationship with an artist named Mimi Gibbs. In 2022, the pair had a baby named Remi.

Woody Whiteclaw’s on I’m a Celebrity

In 2023, Woody Whitelaw starred in the reality series I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! During the second episode of his season, he opened up about the struggles of being a new dad and why therapy is important. 

“I hadn’t done any therapy or anything before my partner fell pregnant,” said Whitelaw. “And I’m glad this did drive me to therapy.” 

“I went through this really shocking period where, as soon as Mim fell pregnant, I had this belief I wasn’t going to be a good dad and I wasn’t ready.”

However, Whitelaw didn’t keep these feelings bottled in. He instead sorted through them with his therapist. 

Whitelaw also said, “The main thing we were working through was, like, ‘Why don’t you think you’re going to be a good dad?’ At the end of the day it was just the unknown. Because I didn’t know what it was going to be like.”

“Thankfully, I love being a dad.”

Woody Whiteclaw’s Celebrity Charity 

On April 13’s episode of I’m a Celebrity, Woody Whitelaw revealed that he’s playing for Dementia Australia. If Whitelaw wins this series, then Dementia Australia will get $100,000. 

Whitelaw explained that he’s playing for Dementia Australia because all four of his grandparents had this disease. He said this time in life was difficult for both him and his grandparents. The three of them didn’t know how to deal with the memory loss and the mood shifts.

If you want to learn more about the work Dementia Australia does, click the link here.

Has Woody Whiteclaw Been Booted?

As of April 14, Woody Whitelaw hasn’t been eliminated from I’m a Celebrity. It’s currently unclear how long he will survive in this program.

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