Ghislaine Maxwell Denies Introducing Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier, and convicted sex offender, serving 13 months in a Palm Beach jail in 2008. He was arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He died while in jail in August 2019. His death was ruled a suicide.

In May 2020, Netflix released a true-crime documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, which examined how the wealthy financier and socialite got away with some of the most horrid sex crimes of our generation.

The series told stories from the survivor’s point of view, examining how Epstein used his wealth and power to carry out his abuse.

While Epstein was the lead conspirator, his ex-girlfriend, a longtime associate and alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July 2020.

Throughout Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Maxwell strenuously denied the allegations against her. On July 3 she was charged with conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, as well as charges relating to allegations of perjury in 2016.

Update: July 13, 2020

In November 2019, Prince Andrew conducted an interview with the BBC, explaining that he first met financier Jeffrey Epstein in 1999, through Ghislaine Maxwell.

“I met through his girlfriend back in 1999 who… and I’d known her since she was at university in the UK,” he explained to journalist Emily Maitlis. Because of his closeness to Maxwell, the Duke of York said it was “inevitable” that he would meet and become friends with Epstein.

According to close friends, and ahead of her court appearance on Tuesday in New York, Prince Andrew was actually introduced by Lynn Forester de Rothschild at a birthday party for her husband.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday they said: “Ghislaine wasn’t at that party. Lynn introduced Andrew to Epstein. It was all about the money with Andrew and Epstein. Just wait and see. There is a lot more to come out.”

The lawyer representing accuser Virginia Roberts has also now made claims that Prince Andrew is likely to be shown on the security tapes which Maxwell is using to help her case.

“There is no doubt Prince Andrew would have been captured on footage filmed in rooms and private areas of Epstein’s property,” lawyer David Boies told the Mail on Sunday.

“We know there were cameras throughout the New York mansion and in Epstein’s other properties. We know there were a multitude of cameras and very large quantities of tapes.

“Prince Andrew would have been included. He would certainly have been included among the people who would have been captured on the tapes.”

According to the Telegraph, Maxwell’s lawyers are currently in the process of appealing to the New York court to grant her bail, claiming that she is a “scapegoat” in the proceedings.

Papers filed on Friday showed that her legal team have offered a $5m USD bond which is assured by six friends and her million-dollar properties in the UK.

She is currently being held at the federal Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Could Use Stash of Surveillance Footage to Help Her Case

Update: July 8, 2020

On July 8, it was reported that Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly has a secret stash of tapes which she could use as an “insurance policy”.

According to a former friend who spoke to The Daily Mail, Epstein’s homes were rigged with surveillance tapes and Maxwell could use the evidence to avoid a longer jail sentence.

The source also called Maxwell “cunning”, saying that she wouldn’t have been with the financier for as long as she was, if she didn’t “have some insurance”.

“The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirrelled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers,” they told the outlet.

“If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

The Story of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Right-Hand Woman

Update: July 7, 2020

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell (pronounced Gee-Lane), is a British socialite and the youngest daughter of media tycoon, Robert Maxwell (he was a suspected spy and fraudster).

In 1991, Robert was found floating naked in the sea near the Canary Islands, after reportedly haven fallen off his yacht aptly titled Lady Ghislaine. Later it was revealed that he had embezzled hundreds of millions of pounds from his own company’s pension funds.

After the death of her father, Maxwell moved to New York where she first met Epstein at a party.

Once they became lovers, Maxwell was seen at several parties with him, including the 18th birthday of Princess Beatrice at Windsor Castle in 2006. In fact, the pair were often photographed at events, parties and gatherings held by the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Andrew at the Sandringham estate in London.

After Epstein’s arrest in 2019, Prince Andrew claimed that he and Epstein “were not that close”, however, photos and footage would suggest otherwise.

Maxwell was socially connected and served Epstein for years. She was the chief maintenance officer of his homes, ranch and private island but worst of all, she allegedly recruited and groomed young girls for him and his powerful friends. Sometimes, she would reportedly abuse them herself.

On July 6, 2019, Epstein was exposed as one of the world’s most notorious predators and arrested for his crimes. Five weeks later, it was ruled he died by suicide in his Manhattan jail cell.

Maxwell, on the other hand, disappeared — holding on to evidence that would reveal the wrongdoings of some of the world’s most powerful people.

Then, almost a year to the day after Epstein’s arrest, Maxwell was arrested and charged.

Ghislaine Maxwell
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Who were Maxwell’s famous friends?

Apart from Prince Andrew (who stepped down from royal duties in November 2019) Maxwell had a slew of notable friends, living the high life with those of the rich and famous.

Over time, Maxwell had been photographed with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama), Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives), Denise Richards, Elle MacPherson, Julianna Margulies (ER), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), Piers Morgan, Martha Stewart, Mick Jagger and President Donald Trump.

Ghislaine Maxwell
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What has Maxwell been charged with?

On July 3, 2020, Maxwell, 58, was found “hiding” on a 63-acre property in New Hampshire and arrested by the FBI.

She was charged with the following events from 1994 through 1997.

  • counts of conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts
  • enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts
  • conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
  • transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and two counts of perjury

According to Federal prosecutors, she “enticed and caused minor victims to travel to Epstein’s residence in different states” and had a hand in “grooming for and subjection to sexual abuse”.

The documentary showed several of Epstein’s accusers reporting that she facilitated their initial contact and would often recruit them with the impression they were being legitimately employed.

Court documents, which were made public by the lawyers of Virginia Giuffre, one of their victims, called Maxwell a “primary co-conspirator” to “procure under-aged girls for sexual activities”.

Maxwell has been transferred to a New York jail and prosecutors have asked for a Friday, July 10 court appearance.

Maxwell continues to deny any wrongdoing.

More to come as the story progresses.

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